September 29, 2022

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Dozens of Romanian tourists stranded in Turkey, after the travel agency they went with went bankrupt

The recent price hikes can mess up your vacation plans. Dozens of tourists on holiday in Turkey have learned that the agency they were supposed to return with has become insolvent.

The manager blames the extra costs on the plane tickets. The Ministry of Tourism has started an investigation, and the unlucky ones will be able to return to the country with flights organized by partner agencies.

This year, in order to meet the costs, travel agencies charged additional fees, or increased the prices of the packages at the last minute.

Dozens of tourists stranded on vacation

In a message posted on Facebook, the manager of the travel agency announced that: “We are very sorry to inform you that we can no longer honor the packages sold. After the withdrawal of the former partner, the increase in oil, the change of flights with additional costs and the sudden termination of credit by the local partner, all these have brought us to the situation now”.

The agency was founded during the pandemic, but one of the shareholders left the business at the beginning of the year. In total, more than 200 tourists have paid for tickets to go on holiday to Turkey in the coming weeks. 70 are currently on leave but can come home with other partner agencies that have flights in the next period.

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Alin Burcea, vice-president of the National Association of Travel Agencies: “People can safely return home. I understand that there were not many, up to a hundred. There are no major problems, those who had to leave have no way to leave because they have nothing left to do”.

The Ministry of Tourism has launched an investigation

The situation of the agency also came to the attention of the authorities and the Ministry of Tourism started an investigation.

Tudorita Lungu, State Secretary Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Tourism: “The difference between the receipts and the payments that this agency has made is below the level of the guarantee instrument of 100,000 euros that the agency has, at least from this point of view we should not have a problem with the recovery of the amounts.”

Although tourism has recovered and people have traveled more this year, some agencies have barely met the costs. Many increased their packages by a few percent at the beginning of the year, others asked for additional fees.

Ciprian Enea, tourism consultant: “It is very difficult to offer in the conditions where today, in the system, at 10:00 a.m. you have a price, and at 2:00 a.m. that price changes in 90% of the cases, it is higher.”

Dan Goicea, CEO of a travel agency: “Aviation fuel, kerosene, had very large variations, the contracts with the companies that provide our flights can take up to 5% variations, but the variations were 20%.”

Congestion at the airport

However, the Romanians couldn’t wait to go on vacation. At Otopeni Airport, hundreds of tourists were impatient to reach their destination.

Tourist: “We’re going to Bali. We want to know the culture there. I bought the tickets for three years”.

Mara Eliza Barza, tourism specialist: “There are vacations that they had to reschedule, they realized that life is not just about work, they don’t know what will come next, they think that prices will increase, they preferred to go this summer.”

Immediately after the restrictions were lifted, Romanians preferred to spend most of their vacations close to home.

Most went to Bulgaria, Turkey and Greece. In Turkey, the agencies say, more than 200 thousand tourists arrived, fewer than in 2019, before the pandemic.

However, more than 1.4 million tourists relaxed in the Greek islands, and the same happened three years ago.

This time, the exorbitant prices of plane tickets led them to go on vacations in their personal cars.

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