October 2, 2022

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The Minister of Education, Sorin Cîmpeanu, announced major changes regarding high school admissions. What should students and parents expect in the new school year?

VIIIth grade students will take the high school entrance exam
The Minister of Education, Sorin Cîmpeanu, announced on Thursday that there will be high school entrance exams, but they will not be mandatory. Each high school will have the opportunity to choose whether to give this entrance exam to 8th grade students. In this way, national colleges and ordinary colleges will form their classes of excellence.

In addition, each high school can choose a specific subject in which to assess students, such as computer science, English or German.

“In this sense, high school admission is to be organized not only in national colleges, but also in colleges. It is not a mandatory element, it is an extra chance for those colleges that want to form excellence classes, performance classes, specialization classes. This admission competition is to be held in the colleges that want to do so after the National Evaluation.

Only after both processes have been completed, there is the possibility of integration into the calendar so that there is no delay, and the distribution of students does not take long into the summer. I can really tell you that it will be done no later than the date we know now for the computerized distribution of students. This is possible by supporting the National Assessment, for example, a week earlier, and in the following week we will have our own admission contests, where the colleges will decide and request this”Sorin Cîmpeanu explained on Thursday, during a press conference.

The Minister of Education specified that the subjects for the high school entrance exam will be developed at the level of the National Center for Policies and Evaluation in Education, not by the high school teachers, noting that the speculation according to which 8th grade students will meditate with high school teachers to be able to pass the entrance exams is illogical.

“They will also request the elaboration of subjects at the level of the National Evaluation Center or we will see by then because it will be in 2024 at the earliest, we will also see the availability of the involvement of other entities. For example, we have already discussed with the Romanian Academy and there is availability through the institutes of the Romanian Academy to be supported in the development of those subjects. Anyway, they will be developed at the national level, at the centralized request announced in time by those colleges that want to organize their own admission in addition to the National Assessment for one class out of ten, for two classes, for three classes out of ten, it is the freedom each college to decide this in the Board of Administration.

Once this has been decided, all the exam tests will be part of the secondary school curriculum, the Romanian language and mathematics will be, if you ask about the difference from the National Assessment, as the national name says, which will have national assessment subjects of a difficulty from very easy to complicated for the tie-breaking topics”, stated the Minister of Education.

“I am convinced that the structure of the subjects will look different when we talk about our own admission competition. Fewer subjects, fewer easy items, for example. Also, the colleges have the chance to propose, provided they announce in advance, another test and I gave an example of IT, German or English. And for these tests subjects will be organized elsewhere than in the colleges, because I understood, unfortunately, I had to understand that the trust in the school and in the teachers, including the teachers in the colleges and national colleges, is at a very high level low.

It’s a sad thing for me, it’s also illogical, because we, the parents, really want to send our students to some national colleges in which we, the parents, say we don’t trust, but we held back. It’s a reality, I don’t want to comment more. The subjects will be developed outside the colleagues. So, once again, the speculation that they will meditate with the college professors does not make any sense, it does not have any logic. They can meditate with anyone, the subjects will be done elsewhere”, added Sorin Cîmpeanu.

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