December 9, 2022

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Dorohoi News | DH News – Dorohoi News – Botosani – “The beautiful people of Dorohoi” – SEPI’s message after the organization of JBOI 2022 in Dorohoi

The Society for Excellence and Performance in Informatics (SEPI) in partnership with the Ministry of Education, the Botoşani County School Inspectorate, the Dorohoi City Hall and the “Regina Maria” Dorohoi High School organized between August 28 and September 3, in Dorohoi Municipality, the 16th edition of Junior Balkan Olympiad in Informatics (JBOI).

This is what the dry news would sound like, related to an absolutely remarkable event, the second international computer science competition organized by Romania in the less than two years of SEPI’s existence.

After the European Junior Olympiad in Informatics (EJOI) event organized online in Ploiești last fall, JBOI is the first SEPI brand international competition organized with a physical presence.

When we talk about JBOI, we must say that, respecting the merits of each partner involved, ME and ISJ Botoșani have fulfilled their legal duty and SEPI the mission assumed upon its establishment. The merits and thanks are natural because each of these institutions did what needed to be done.

However, in this equation came a variable that completely changed the face of JBOI 2022. It is the total involvement of an incredible local community. Practically, the Municipality of Dorohoi has declared a general mobilization for the smooth running of the JBOI.

SEPI started negotiations with the BOI International Committee for the organization of JBOI, taking as a benchmark the experience of organizing in Dorohoi the training and selection camp of the National Computer Batch of 2019 and the firm offer of the Dorohoi community to organize an international event in the field of competitive computer science.

At the end of the JBOI, all those present at Dorohoi, competitors and leaders from the 11 participating countries and members of the JBOI Scientific and Technical Committees experienced the feeling of belonging to this fantastic community: BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE FROM DOROHOI.

Starting with the mayor Dorin Alexandrescu and the deputy mayor Cristian Dogaru, with the leadership of the “Regina Maria” High School – dir. Prof. Gabriela Bolohan and dir. adj. Prof. Ciobanu-Ilucă Cristina-Nicoleta, continuing with the volunteers and organizers of the competition, teachers and students from Dorohoi, culminating with the one we consider the key man of JBOI, our colleague and friend Prof. Simion-Petru Opriță, all Dorohoiians, big and small , have managed to show that where people’s souls are beautiful and blessed, the things they do are amazing and exceptional.

Take, for example, a child, the soul of the volunteer team and master of ceremonies at JBOI’s opening and award ceremonies. Alexandra-Petruța Carp, with the support of Prof. Andrei Birta and a whole team, managed to make JBOI’s festive moments unforgettable for those present. Even the best at making such moments could take lessons from Petruța, Andrei and their team.

There would be so much to say about what these men achieved and so unfair to those who would not be remembered, that it is better to let the pictures do the talking.

Thank you, BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE FROM DOROHOI, for making me feel like we are Dorohoians for a few days and that we will remain Dorohoians at heart from now on!!!!

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JBOI (3), 05-09-2022

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