May 28, 2023

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Dorohoi News | DH News – Dorohoi News – Botosani – Lucian Trufin announces the establishment of 12 anti-hail missile launch points in Botosani. “The most beautiful words are deeds”

In Botoșani county, 12 anti-hail missile launch points worth over 3 million euros will be established, following the addition of the ongoing national program on this line. The investment was obtained through the joint efforts of the county authorities and PSD senator Lucian Trufin, who spoke about the need to protect agricultural land in Wednesday’s Senate meeting.

Lucian Trufin stated that this measure will generate approximately 100 jobs. The 12 points will be made in the following localities: Saucenita (Văculești), Rome, Orăseni Vale (Curtești), Cerbu (Copălău), Havârna, Carasa (Corlăteni), Borzești (Ungureni), Gorbănești, Hănești, Buimăceni (Albești), Băbiceni (Durnești) and Ichimeni (Avrămeni).

“Adverse climatic factors, such as hail and drought, represent increasingly serious threats to agricultural production and, implicitly, to food security. The dark clouds that threaten the agricultural territory of Botoșani County will be removed by complying with the objectives of the 2021-2024 Government Program, in which we have undertaken the continuation of the National Anti-Hail System and Rainfall Increase Program at the level of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, led by by Minister Petre Daea”, announced the parliamentarian from Botošan.

In March 2022, PSD Minister Adrian Chesnoiu allocated the necessary sums to create, in the first stage, ten launch points for anti-hail missiles, but the feasibility studies indicated that the project would have covered 2/3 of the agricultural area of ​​the county. The steps taken by the County Council, chaired by Doina Federovici, the County Agriculture Directorate, led by Cristian Delibaș, and the vice-president of the Agriculture Committee in the Senate, Lucian Trufin, resulted in the addition of two more such objectives, thus increasing the protected area to approx. 80% of the agricultural territory, a large part of the Lunca Prutului being also covered.

“The culmination of this program was the period 2017-2019, when the PSD government allocated the largest amounts, making massive investments in the system to combat hail and stimulate precipitation.. Then followed two years of stagnation, in which the concerns of the partners found then in government were others. Our efforts come to correct the approach and correct the attitude towards real threats. Farmers have been damaged by calamities and their work is vital to everyone’s well-being. Everyone makes promises. But for us, the most beautiful words are deeds”, pointed out Lucian Trufin.

In Romania, 99 anti-hail missile launch points are operational. The implementation of the SNACP is a measure to support food production and reduce the vulnerabilities of weather-dependent agriculture. Investments in increasing the resilience of the food sector and in the responsible and efficient use of water, energy and public resources will contribute to the increase of productive and protected surfaces against the hazards of the weather.

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