March 29, 2023

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Dorohoi News | DH News – Dorohoi news – Botosani – Ibănești commune celebrated the International Day of Education – PHOTO

On the International Day of Education, the town hall of Ibănești commune together with the “Ștefan Cel Mare” school from the village of Ibănești organized a cultural event that focused on education, honor and excellence, where people participated whose activities were carried out at the higher level, with professionalism, dignity and passion, an activity that aimed for the horizon of excellence from the beginning.

The event started with the artistic moment of the school students, followed by the speech of the mayor of the commune, Mr. Suruciuc Bogdan, Mr. Botoșani County Prefect – Cornilă Sorin, and last but not least, Mr. Director of the County Directorate for Culture – Huțu Dănuț.

“Today is an important day for the whole community as well as for all education. We can say that the most powerful weapon in society is education because only with it can the world change. Education is the basic pillar of human society. Knowledge, Truth and Loyalty to true values ​​are the only elements that have endured through all time, and we have an obligation to pass this on, which we are doing today. May the beauty of wisdom help us to always correct ignorance! May the power of wisdom help us correct our mistakes!”, said the mayor of Ibăneşti commune, Romică Magopeț.

“I chose to talk today about a teacher who has two reasons to be happy, education day and the official launch of the volume of poems. Like Ștefan Cel Mare, the symbol of the school we are in, Mrs. Georgeta Culiceanu is a strong woman, small in state and big in advice. The words that characterize her are strength, kindness, wisdom, ambition and perseverance. In addition to all this, she is a woman who has the universe in her eyes, although she has not traveled much, she knows the world from the multitude of books she has read. He is a good orator and that is why all his colleagues listen to him with pleasure and interest because he conveys emotion, pain and deep feelings of patriotism.”, said the teacher, Teliban Delia.

“It gives me great pleasure to participate in such an event. Such a celebration on the day of education with such participants has a value note. It is very interesting, we participate in all kinds of meetings, we listen to all kinds of interventions, we carefully follow the symmetry of the word. For Mr. Professor Mihai Vitcu and Mr. Inspector General, they may have listened to thousands of dissertations, thousands of doctoral theses presentations, hundreds of thousands of undergraduate theses presentations in their lifetime, participating in a valuable activity like this one today means that the intervener must have the scope to rise to high standards, which it is.”, added Professor Drescanu Corneliu.

“I am pleased to participate with you today in this cultural event and the fact that we are marking together the International Day of Education. I am a friend of your community and of the mayor, whom I thank for the invitation and congratulate you for the way you manage this beautiful community, for the fact that you give importance to education and the cultural-artistic life of your commune. I received a state loaded with feelings of emotion, pride, patriotism…”, said Mr. Prefect of Botoșani County, Cornilă Sorin

“I’ll start with a happy birthday!” dear parents, students, dear colleagues because it is the International Day of Education and we tend to go to education, but still it is our international day because education starts at home, we educate at home, we educate at school, at the town hall, on the street, it all boils down to education. Ibănești is a rich commune, but little is said because you have people here who have devoted themselves to education, you have the mayor who is involved in education, he is part of the education in this locality.”added Mr. General School Inspector, Suruciuc Bogdan.

“I have a special appreciation for your town precisely because of the connection I have had for a long time with the representatives of the Vitcu family, and here I am referring to my dear teacher Dimitrie Vitcu who has accompanied me throughout my student career until now almost to the age of adulthood. The school, the church, the local authorities have the task of providing the best education for children, as they say education is a fundamental thing for our society. It is important that teachers pass on these role models.”, said the director of the County Directorate for Culture, Huțu Dănuț.

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