December 9, 2022

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Dorohoi News | DH News – Dorohoi News – Botosani – “Grigore Ghica” Dorohoi National College: The opening ceremony of the 2022-2023 school year – PHOTO

Another year has passed by us. It is once again the turn of the schools to wait for their children to return “home”. It’s been a few days since they haven’t seen them and since the classes stopped shining with their joy and light. And there is a lot of hustle and bustle, and so much impatience, because the big day has arrived.

On Monday, September 5, 2022, on an authentic autumn day, in the “Grigore Ghica” Dorohoi National College, the emotion of a new beginning of the school year was felt in which students will open doors to knowledge and perfection. After the singing of the National Anthem, there was a moment of prayer and blessing, delivered by Fr. Tom Mihai.

The mayor, Eng. Dorin Alexandrescu, congratulated the teaching staff and students for the excellent results obtained in the national exams, emphasizing the importance of the high school years as the most beautiful and the most decisive for the future, ending his speech with the promise that he will always be a friend the children.

Best wishes for the new school year were also addressed by the Botoșani County School Inspectorate through the presence of Mr. Prof. Dr. Mîndrescu Ciprian, Mrs. Ignat Alexandra, deputy chief agent of the Dorohoi Police Inspectorate, as well as Mr. Lieutenant-Colonel Ciobanașu Petru, the representative of the Dorohoi Fire Department.

The director, Professor Șlincu Georgel, impressed with his emotional speech: “After a previous school year in which physical school periods alternated with unwanted online school periods, we want a school year with students in classes, eager for learning and communication with teachers and colleagues. We are happy because we have enriched ourselves with two new specializations, namely a mathematics-informatics-intensive English class and a mathematics-informatics-intensive IT class. The two sessions of the baccalaureate exam, at which, as every year, we appeared with almost all the students with whom I started the twelfth grade, brought a remarkable pass rate of over 91%, concretely out of the 196 of enrolled 180 graduates passed the matriculation exam. Most of them are now students and we wish them the best of luck in their chosen careers. Some of our former students, from the previous series and even from the oldest ones, are now present among us, and their presence makes us happy and means that something from the four years spent together made them come back!

I wish you a school year full of achievements on all levels, completed projects and results that meet expectations. I want us to come happily to school every day, teachers and students, to get the most out of what we have!”

A new year, a new story at CNGG! Education, patience, dreams to fulfill, intelligence, growth, adolescence with inner waves to cross and emotional storms to manage. Easy, hard, but always beautiful! Enjoy, dear students, for every moment spent together! Dare to be yourself, in the brightest version! Shine with what you have most valuable and make your loved ones happy with your successes and achievements! (prof. Monica Ifrim, educational advisor)

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