March 25, 2023

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Dorohoi News | DH News – Dorohoi News – Botosani – Extensive works undertaken by road workers on the Dorohoi sector – Vârfu Câmpului – PHOTO

Road infrastructure is the main priority of the Botoșani Social Democratic Party County Organization team.

Doina Federovici, president of the Botoșani County Council and PSD, deputy Dan Șlincu, deputy Alexandra Huțu and Florin Gavril, state adviser to the deputy prime minister and minister of transport, Sorin Grindeanu, intensified efforts to rehabilitate and modernize the national and county road network in Botosani.

At the end of last week, in Botoșani, there was a meeting between the representatives of the Regional Directorate of Roads and Bridges (DRDP) Iași, led by the regional general director, Ovidiu-Mugurel Laicu, the executive of the County Council and the team of social-democratic parliamentarians. Following the discussions and field visits on the national roads under the administration of the Botoșani National Roads Section, the management of DRDP Iasi decided to intervene on the sectors: Vârfu Câmpului – Dorohoi (DN29A), Manoleasa – the intersection with DN24C (DN29) and Bădărăi – Santa Mare – border with Iași county (DN 24C). The most extensive works will be done on DN29A, Vârfu Câmpului – Dorohoi. Here, according to DRDP Iași representatives, asphalt carpets will be poured, in two layers, over a distance of 15 kilometers, and the areas where the concrete slabs have moved will be intervened by breaking them and profiling the road sector, so that traffic to be done in the best conditions, up to the laying of asphalt carpets.

“It is the solution that the specialists have proposed to ensure decent traffic conditions on the Vârfu Câmpului – Dorohoi National Road, until it will be subject to extensive rehabilitation and modernization works. Following the steps we took in the spring at the Ministry of Transport, the expertises were completed and the technical-economic indicators were approved for the modernization of this sector and the one in the Drislea area on DN29D, Botoșani – Ștefănești, which was not caught in the current project. This month, the expertise for the modernization of the road sector DN24C, Călărași – Manoleasa – Mitoc – Rădăuți Prut will also be completed, and contracts will be awarded for carrying out the expertise on the road sectors Botoșani – Săveni (DN29) and Botoșani – Dorohoi (DN29B) . We all want good roads, because a good road infrastructure is the primary condition for the balanced development of the county. We have demonstrated that we know what we have to do, and the modernization of the Botoșani – Târgu Frumos and Botoșani – Ștefănești national roads, the Strategic Road, the completion of the Monastery Road and the others included in the National Local Development Program are clear proof of this.”said Doina Federovici, president of the Botoșani County Council and PSD.

After the meetings with the representatives of the DRDP Iași management, the social-democratic parliamentarians Marius Budăi, Dan Șlincu and Alexandra Huțu met with the Minister of Transport, Sorin Grindeanu, so that the institution he leads ensures the financing of the works on the national roads in Botoșani county.

“I explained to the minister the situation on DN29A, Suceava – Vârfu Câmpului – Dorohoi, but also on the other national road sectors in Botoșani county. He understood the importance of these roads for the residents of our county and assured us of all the support for carrying out the scheduled works this fall by providing the necessary funding. The work of laying asphalt carpets and the intervention of the displaced slabs on the Dorohoi – Vârfu Câmpului sector are imperatively necessary to ensure a viable roadway until this sector will enter an extensive rehabilitation and modernization process”said PSD parliamentarian Dan Ślincu.

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