December 9, 2022

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Dorohoi News | DH News – Dorohoi News – Botosani – Appeal to road users: compliance with traffic laws saves lives

The actions of the traffic police are aimed at preventing serious traffic accidents, and the observance of traffic rules by all citizens would significantly reduce the tragedies that happen around us.

Although statistics show us that the number and consequences of road accidents are decreasing, the dramas that happen on the roads in the county shake us every time.

That’s why we call on all traffic participants to drive in compliance with accident legislation, thus avoiding being involved in road incidents.

Between January 1 and August 30, 2022, at the level of Botoșani county, the traffic police officers executed 143 actions, of which 86 with their own forces and 37, together with other police formations or in collaboration with other institutions or representatives of civil society.

As part of road traffic control and surveillance activities, at the level of the entire county, the police detected 489 crimes, of which 303 related to the traffic regime and 186 of another nature, as follows, driving under the influence of alcohol: 109, driving under the influence of substances psychoactive: 14, leaving the scene of the accident: 21, driving without a license: 60, driving an unregistered or unregistered vehicle: 37, refusing or evading taking biological samples: 18.

We specify the fact that in the framework of road traffic surveillance and control activities, 3,820 cigarettes and 3.8 cubic meters of wood material were confiscated.

At the same time, in the same period, 39 serious accidents were registered, resulting in the death of 7 people and the serious injury of another 34 people.

Compared to the same period in 2021, one less accident and 10 fewer deaths were recorded.

The main causes of serious road accidents were pedestrian indiscipline (8), irregular overtaking (7), driving under the influence of alcohol (6), not giving priority to pedestrians (4) and illegal or inappropriate speed (3).

Also, for non-compliance with the provisions of GEO no. 195/2002, 14,497 contraventional sanctions were applied, of which, 6,353 for non-compliance with the legal speed limit (+382), 2,466 for not using the seat belt (+407), 261 for violations committed by pedestrians (-113), 162 failure to give way to pedestrians (+81), 145 for failure to give way to vehicles (+28), 144 for alcohol consumption (+18), 396 for offenses committed by cyclists (120).

In the same period, 1,819 driving licenses (+637) were detained, of which 1,636 (+595) were suspended for the purpose of suspending the exercise of the right to drive motor vehicles, 129 driving licenses (+35) were canceled and 51 were withdrawn medical (+39).

At the same time, 636 registration certificates were temporarily withdrawn, 95 more than in the same period last year.

Police actions for road safety will continue.

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