September 29, 2022

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Dorohoi News | DH News – Dorohoi News – Botosani – A delegation of social-democratic women from Botoșani, led by OFSD president Doina Federovici, participated in the Political School of Social-Democratic Women

Between August 29-31, the Political School of Social-Democratic Women was held, where the measures proposed by the PSD, which have been implemented or are to be implemented at the governmental and legislative level, were presented. Topics such as the increase in the birth rate, programs to support families and children at the social and health level, the solutions identified to increase the access of children from rural areas to medical services and the education system, the continuation of measures to support people and families from vulnerable communities were debated. , as well as the solutions identified to prevent and reduce cases of domestic violence.

The Botoșani delegation, together with the president of the Botoșani County Council, Doina Federovici, included deputy Alexandra Huțu, sub-prefect Paula Cojocariu-Berețan, county councilors Cristina Breșug and Raluca Vaipan, as well as the vice mayor of Nicșeni commune, Marcela Patrar.

OFSD is the strongest women’s political organization in Romania and its main objective is to promote PSD’s social attitude towards local communities, as well as to initiate projects, programs, measures and actions that can really improve the situation of women in Romania by reducing discrimination of gender, providing facilities for women who choose to spend more time with their newborn children, improving women’s access to health and education.

“At no time should we forget that the reason why we entered the government was to stop the decrease in the standard of living and to stabilize the economic, social and health situation in Romania since the end of last year. Together with the PSD leadership and all our local elected officials, all the parliamentarians, we social-democratic women have had an important role in promoting the social policies that the current Government has imposed and is still taking. The mission assumed by us is to bring back normality in people’s lives, for the state to take care of its citizens, especially for the vulnerable, for work to be encouraged and rewarded, for families with children to be supported. PSD has always assumed the objective of protecting the lives of Romanians, based on concrete programs through which the interests of all social categories are defended”said Doina Federovici.

Once the PSD entered the government, after two catastrophic years of the Right’s government, the Social Package was immediately implemented with increases in allowances, pensions and salaries, and energy price caps were imposed. Then followed a new package of measures to simulate the economy and to protect vulnerable social categories, the PSD Program “Support for Romania” with dedicated measures for young people and families, supporting couples who cannot have children, supporting mothers with financial incentives and new to children from vulnerable families for the purchase of medical and hygiene items, as well as parental counseling. Support measures were also adopted for Romanians with low incomes, families with several children and single parents, pensioners, people with disabilities, and hospital patients.

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