December 9, 2022

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Deputies debate the simple motion against the Minister of Energy. PSD: “This is not the time for a crisis”

Deputies are debating, today, from 4:00 p.m., the simple motion submitted by USR against Minister Virgil Popescu, entitled: “Romania without energy. Romanians are paying the bill for Virgil Popescu’s incompetence”.

The document is also supported by the parliamentarians from Forța Dreptei.

The vote on the motion will be given on Wednesday, in the plenary session of the Chamber of Deputies.

PSD will not vote on the simple motion against Minister Popescu, despite Tudose’s wish

According to, Senator Daniel Zamfir (PSD) declared, on Tuesday, on Digi24, that the PSD will not vote for the simple motion against Minister Virgil Popescu because his party does not want to cause a governmental crisis.

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Virgil Popescu

“PSD will not vote for the simple motion against Minister Virgil Popescu and not because Mr. Popescu would be suitable there, I have said it so many times, Mr. Popescu is the millstone of this government. Mr. Popescu should leave, but this must be done in a coalition discussion”, said Daniel Zamfir.

The PSD senator stated that the PSD “does not want to create a government crisis under any circumstances”.

“We believe that this coalition must continue, obviously it is the only solution for stability in Romania, as such the PSD will not vote. No decision was made in the party, I am speaking now in my personal name, this is what I think. For sure, we will discuss in the party, but I will tell you what I think can happen” mentioned Zamfir.

The PSD parliamentarian also stated that “we are not in a position to create a government crisis because the USR, at this moment, taking advantage of the population’s dissatisfaction and not only with what Minister Popescu is doing, is taking advantage of this political moment and is obviously submitting a motion”. “In no case is this the time for a government crisis, in no case will the PSD be the one to fuel this government crisis“, he also said.

A few days ago, Mihai Tudose, who is vice president of the Social Democratic party, said that demands the reshuffle of Virgil Popescu from the Ministry of Energybecause – he claims – “much of the current chaos is due to him”.

Why is the Minister of Energy accused?

“Virgil Popescu is a never-ending source of ineptitude. It is the emblem of this failed government, made up of not very smart boys. And this can be seen in the bills of every consumer in Romania. It began to show painfully on the card of employees in the manufacturing industry. And it can be seen in the budget debt that the Government of Romania has to pay to the electricity supply companies: 40 billion lei – even if in recent weeks this figure has been played with something like roulette”say the initiators of this motion, according to

According to USR, “the work of art of the PSD-PNL-UDMR government, perfected by Virgil Popescu with an unconscious serenity and with the complicity of ANRE, is the famous compensation and capping scheme“.

“Instead of predictability, the “SCHEME” – because this government could only conceive a “scheme”, a “trick”, a “trick” or a “maneuver” – generated panic and uncertainty. It has indebted critical companies for the Romanian economy, made tens of thousands of jobs vulnerable and weakened Romania’s energy security in an extremely difficult international context. Because the Romanians must know, as “a winning team” from the PNL once said. Dear Romanians, every time you pay your electricity or natural gas bill, multiply the price by at least 3-4 times. Why? Because you unwittingly consumed electricity and natural gas out of debt. This is where the not-so-smart guys from the PSD-PNL-UDMR Government brought us: let’s see one on the invoice, but in reality, the price should be triple! This is how a SCHEME works!”, USR parliamentarians say.

The opposition also accuses the fact that “the price difference is recorded in the government’s debt book, just like the pub in Las Fierbinţi, only that, in a few months, in winter, we will be the main actors in the movie “LAS RĂCIțI”!”

“The slogan of the “SCHEME” set up by the Ciucă government is very simple to remember: “Romanians, sleep peacefully! Virgil Popescu turns off the light for you!” In winter, you don’t have to worry that we have a war on the border that also affects us energetically, you don’t have to economize on energy and you don’t have to time your hot water showers. Virgil Popescu solved this problem, since the summer: companies from the manufacturing industry have restricted or even closed their activity! This is how we became energy efficient: we no longer need energy, because Virgil Popescu took care to put the economy on hold and there is no one left to consume it”says USR in the motion.

USR also states that in three years, Minister Popescu’s track record is unparalleled:

0 (ZERO) new MW of electricity put into production, 6,000 MW withdrawn from production! The investments are on paper and in election pictures, but in reality, they are completely missing. The Iernut plant has been unfinished since 2019. In a few years, will you sell this one for scrap? ZERO new renewable projects. And the list can go on. In three years, Mr. Minister, you have propelled Romania from a market with low energy prices, as you yourself told us in 2020, directly to the top of the ranking with the highest prices in the European Union! You are the champion of bankruptcy – both economic and moral!”

Throw the same lies with the so-called specula, when in fact this whole government created the specula through measures aimed at putting money in the pockets of party companies. How do you explain to the Romanians that, although our country is among the least energy dependent on Russia in the EU, they still feel the sting of energy prices? During this time, for the failed PSD-PNL Government, party sycophants are more important than the specialists you ignore with irresponsible arrogance. Romanians are tired of your embarrassing theater in which you criticize the minister of energy poverty, but vote for him to remain in office. If today you choose again to make a shield around Virgil Popescu…Gentlemen from the PSD, explain to the small producers in Teleorman, Ialomiţa, Călăraşi or Buzău counties why their income from agriculture and small businesses is being swallowed by inflation and energy prices. On the other hand, explain to the employees of CE Oltenia how, due to the inhuman working conditions, in 2022 one employee will die every five days. Gentlemen from UDMR, when you are going to campaign for votes, explain to the 2,155 employees from Romaqua, the 1,068 employees from Azomureş or the 441 employees from the Baraolt Milk Factory why it was more more important to keep Virgil Popescu warm than to care about the situation of the most important companies in Harghita, Mureş and Covasna counties! Mr. Popescu, any extra day in which you are a minister means another hour of cold that Romanians will endure in winter! Otherwise, long live the bankruptcy government!“, say those from USR.

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