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Declarations of love spoken by Vlad Rădescu – Mures News, Targu Mures News

The tears of the actor Vlad Rădescu reflected a multitude of intense feelings of the soul. The University of Arts in Târgu Mureș awarded him the title of Doctor Honoris Causa.

On Friday, 14.10.2022, starting at 11.00, at the Studio Theater of the University of Arts in Târgu Mureș, the awarding of the title of Doctor Honoris Causa to the actor Vlad Radescu took place.

At the opening of the event, an impressive Laudatio was delivered by Prof. Univ. skilled dr. Sorin Crișan, rector of UAT Târgu-Mureș. “It is one of the happiest moments at the beginning of the academic year when we can honor one of the most brilliant personalities of Romanian theatrical and cinematographic culture and life, Vla Radescu, a constant collaborator of our University who, through everything he did , proved that he is an ambassador of theatrical education, of Romanian film, a man with principles and a formidable career behind him”.

“Târgu Mureș is my love”

The actor Vlad Radescu impressed the room full of participants, expressing his emotion through declarations of love addressed to the people who, prepared, motivated, involved, helped him throughout his life in his professional career.

“The first declaration of love would be the one dedicated, of course, to my precious and small family, two Mihaele and a dog, Lona. Without them I wouldn’t have arrived here today, and I owe them what I am. I thank my parents for the education they gave me, my gratitude cannot be expressed in words. I can’t forget my teachers either, even if I didn’t get a 10 every time, except for the baccalaureate,” said Vlad Radescu.

He made another declaration of love for UAT Târgu Mureș, expressing his gratitude to the members of the Senate, the colleagues with whom he collaborated, especially university professor Oana Leahu and university professor Daniel Lemnaru. At the same time, the emotion of the actor Vlad Radescu was also directed towards students who wished them wind in their stern and boundless horizons to reach, each separately and all together in their artistic career. Then he conveyed a thought to professors Constantin Codrescu and Adriana Piteșteanu with whom he collaborated for many years. “Târgu Mureș is my love” the actor mentioned in the end, thanking the people of Mures for the trust and appreciation with which they overwhelmed him.

Professional career

Vlad Radescu was born on November 18, 1952 in Bucharest. He attended the Dimitrie Cantemir High School and the twelfth grade at the Ion Luca Caragiale High School, both in Bucharest, where he graduated in 1971. He wanted to become a sailor, a doctor, a journalist and an archaeologist, but in the end he chose the theater and graduated from the Institute of Theater and Cinematography (IATC), Theater Department, in 1975, after studying under the guidance of Mrs. Sanda Manu and Geta Angheluță.

He was assigned to Târgu Mures in 1975 where he stayed until 1994. During this period his theater and film career continued to prosper. He was noticed by the director Gheorghe Vitanidis already in his first year and later gave him the main role in the film Ciprian Porumbescu, which was a great success. In 1980 he played the role of Comosicus in the historical epic Burebista. A few years later, he played Avram Iancu, the main character in the films The Burning Mountains and La rascrucea marilor furtuni (1980), this time directed by Mircea Moldovan. In foreign television productions, he played the roles of Charlemagne in 1996 and Otto von Bismarck in 2007, 2008 and 2009.

He founded the International Theater Festival “Meetings of European Theater Schools and Academies”, which took place for four years: the first two in Târgu Mureș (1993, 1994) and the last two in Târgoviște (1995, 1996). He was also the initiator – in 1998 – of the successful show “Costume” directed by Dan Puric, which highlighted over 100 theater costumes created by Irina Solomon and Dragoș Buhagiar, winning over 10 awards in various theater festivals in the country .

At the beginning of 2009, at the request of the leadership of the Ministry of Culture, he returned to the National Theater in Târgu Mureș, holding the position of interim director until March 2011.

Between 1987 and 1994 he was a lecturer at the University of Theater Arts in Târgu Mureș. From 1996 to 2002, he taught acting and cultural management at the Ecological University of Bucharest, and now he is an associate professor at UAT Târgu Mureș.

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