May 28, 2023

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Dealurile Uilei”, products with the taste of memories – News from Mures, News Targu Mures

About a week ago, in the Rose Square in Târgu Mureș, local producers from Mures celebrated the National Day of Romanian Agri-Food Products, where they met people eager to taste dishes and fruits far removed from those in big stores, more natural and made with more lots of love.

People don’t look for what they’ve never tasted, they look for what they taste and it’s been imprinted on their taste buds, reminding them of places, people, states. That is precisely why the “Dealurile Uilei” products enjoy a great success, because whoever tastes them either returns home, or to childhood, or lives the moment and the aroma. The event in the city center was also attended by Emil Cornel Tămășan, from Uila village, Batoș commune, who brought the “Uilei Hills” products from there, which he presented with joy.

Special snack and a novelty, the sherbet

“The first support of the stand is dedicated to the seven types of zacusca. The best seller is the classic zacusca, zacusca with eggplant and the best zacusca, for sure it is zacusca with mushrooms. In addition to the two nominees, we also have zacusca with slightly spicy eggplant, zacusca with beans, zacusca with gebe, zacusca with eggplant and mushrooms, these being cultivated, respectively champignon”, he presented the side of the zacusca stand.

Moving on to the sweeter products, Emil Cornel Tămășan shared: “At the next stand we have the assortment of syrups, including about 22 kinds of syrup. We try to produce everything that can be processed from fruit from our own farm or from spontaneous flora and lends itself to obtain a delicious syrup. Then we have the macerated, low-alcohol products that are the delight of the greedy and those who want special drinks. We also have an assortment of sweets, with or without sugar. Of course, the star of the stand during this period is the silvoița, which is a plum magiun without added sugar. Next comes the assortment of compotes made with fruits from our own farm. Another novelty is the assortment of sherbet, which we tried to make from our own production, because we are going around the country to fairs, this product is in demand. We have raspberry sherbet, we also had rose sherbet and we will continue to produce from other fruits. By excellence, sherbet is an extremely sweet product, in which sugar is dominant. Its consistency is firm and does not run at all.”

Batoș apple specials…

“Also in vogue during this period, we have baked capsicums, we also have the two varieties of ciolomada, i.e. classic or slightly spicy ciolomada. Of course, we also have the traditional homemade pickles, with vinegar or in brine. As a novelty, as I was saying, we have jams without sugar, without sweetener, so practically only the sweetness of the fruit is found in the respective products. We even have autumn nuts, and for this fair we also brought three varieties of apples, which are highly appreciated by consumers, which are more special than what is found on the market, namely Patul, Renet de Canada, Parmen Auriu. I had other well-known varieties of apples at home, but I was in a hurry and couldn’t bring them today. We had Golden, Delicios and many others that are much easier to find at all the stands. They are old apple varieties, with which our parents grew up and lived, moreover, they are varieties recommended for people with diabetic conditions, that’s why older people know them and buy them. We have miniature products of various capacities, from 45 ml jars, to 50 ml or 100 ml bottles, in which all our assortments or liquors can be found. They are practical bottles, good for gifts, good to have with you when needed, in your pocket”, said Emil Cornel Tămășan, representative and producer of “Dealurile Uilei”.

And for those who missed the October 10 fair, you can discover these products by accessing the official website,, and later you can also order them by calling 0744869436 or 0752491925 or by email, at [email protected]. The lucky ones from Târgu Mureș or the surrounding area (+15 km) benefit from free transport.


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