January 27, 2023

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CTP, outraged by a poster with Ion Mihai Pacepa placed in Bucharest: If the authorities don’t take down these messes, I will

Cristian Tudor Popescu sent a message of protest on a social network to the fact that near the old Children’s Park, “Cireșarii”, in sector 1, there is a large poster with Ion Mihai Pacepa.

Mayor Clotilde Armand announced that she would investigate, and after a few hours announced that the poster had been removed.

“I pass by the old Children’s Park, ‘Cireșarii’, in sector 1, somewhat renovated in recent months and reopened after long negotiations between the Ministry of Education and the City Hall. 1. Something scratches the corner of my eye: Ion Mihai Pacepa, with picture. On the Cireșari fence. What the?! What the hell is Pacepa doing there? I turn the car around and get out to look. 9 rectangular panels high. 6 of them contain information about the past of the Steaua-Grivița neighborhood, the Textila factory and park, the Elias hospital and the Domenii halls, the social housing for the Ceferist workers from the interwar period (I also live in one of them). They can be read, possibly, for those interested in the urban history of Bucharest. But on 3 of them, also bearing the ‘Parinți de Cireșari’ emblem, Ion Mihai Pacepa, Eugen Barbu and Ștefan Foriș are displayed. Display them, because there is no documented, relevant biographies of these characters,” Cristian Tudor Popescu wrote on Facebook on Sunday.

The journalist gave details about what was written on the posters.

“About Pacepa we are told: ‘In 1936, the father of Security General Ion Mihai Pacepa built in Vasile Gherghel street no. 93 a two-story house—one story for his lordship (sic!) and one for his son. The Romanian state confiscated IM Pacepa’s properties and sentenced him to death in absentia. Pacepa was the highest official of the Warsaw Pact to side with the West, which for 11 years, until 1989, contributed substantially to the neutralization of espionage and diversion actions directed against NATO and the European Union’. Leaving aside the last bit – in the 1980s there was the European Economic Community, in short the Common Market, by no means the European Union, established in 1993 – the presentation of Pacepa as an anti-communist hero is outrageous misinformation. The individual led the Ceaușescu propaganda program in the West for years, being also the lackey in charge of purchasing luxury products from the West for Elena Ceaușescu. He is a deserter in a general’s uniform, a traitor to the Security that he has served zealously for decades, being rewarded accordingly. What is this, a ‘father of Cireșari’, that the children should see on the fence?”, CTP continued.

The journalist mentioned that Eugen Barbu appears next to him.

“Mentioned as the author of the novel Groapa, after which the connection is made with the Groapa lui Ouatu and its rehabilitation. Not a word about the fact that Barbu was the author of Ceaușescu’s National Socialist propaganda, fiercely anti-Western and spokesperson for the Security. The highlight, however, is the panel with Ștefan Foriș. Character very little known to the general public, general secretary of the PCR, killed with a chainsaw by his communists. That’s how it’s written: ‘Ștefan Foriș – politics with a crowbar’. What do the children have to do with this dark Bolshevik, what should they understand from his presence in their park? To take him as a spiritual father? Parents of Cireșari. For now, I wrote. But if the authorities, the Ministry of Education, the City Hall, do not take down these messes, I will do it,” he concluded.

In the comments, Clotilde Armand also left a message saying that the town hall did not give its consent for this project.

“Good evening. The City Hall of Sector 1 did not give its consent for such a thing. Probably the Ministry of Education. The local police will carry out checks”, the mayor wrote.

On Monday morning, the mayor returned a message and said the posters had been removed.

“The mayor of sector 1, Mrs. Clotilde Armand, informs us that the billboards have been taken down. I just went to see: yes, all 9 are gone. Appreciate the responsiveness and immediate intervention. We are still waiting, without delay, for the results of the investigation promised last night (Sunday – ed.) on this fbk account by the mayor. I mean, who ordered them, who paid for them, who authorized their display on the fence of the Children’s Park? Who is responsible for this dirt? And I have to ask one more question, perhaps the most unpleasant: I understand that the panels have been there for some time. How come none of the parents who come with their children to Cireșarii have filed a report?”, commented CTP, on Monday morning.

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