March 25, 2023

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Countries with a travel risk that Romanians should avoid in 2022. The MAE warns people not to visit these places

Due to the political and armed conflicts that take place on the territories of some countries, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs sends Romanian citizens to avoid traveling to those countries.

Ukraine and Russia are not the only countries for which the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has issued travel warnings.

On September 17, one of the largest protests in recent years took place in Iran. The women came out to protest after 22-year-old Masha Amini died after being detained and mistreated by the police.

The young woman was detained by the police because she was not wearing a hijab, and according to the young woman’s family, the authorities tortured her, causing her serious injuries, which ultimately led to her death.

In protest, women in Iran took to the streets, took off their hijabs and set them on fire.

The MFA warns Romanians not to travel to Russia

In the context of the war between Russia and Ukraine and following recent events, such as Vladimir Putin’s speech on September 21 regarding partial mobilization, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs recommends Romanians to avoid traveling to Russia.

The MFA also recommends Romanian citizens present on the territory of Russia to avoid areas where protests are taking place and not to engage in actions that incite violence.

If Romanians feel that they are in danger, they can call the following phone numbers:

Consular section:

► +7 499 143 0427

► +7 499 143 0350

► +7 916 017 9882

The MFA warns Romanians not to travel to Ukraine

In the context of Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs warns Romanian citizens not to travel to Ukraine, and those who are temporarily in Ukraine to leave the territory of this state immediately.

The MFA reminds Romanian citizens that our country does not recognize the illegal annexation by the Russian Federation of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, the city of Sevastopol, as well as the four regions – Zaporozhye, Kherson, Donetsk and Luhansk.

If they are in danger, Romanian citizens can call the following phone numbers:

Embassy of Romania in Kyiv:

► +380445009932

► +380445009934

► +380445009935

Consulate General in Chernivtsi: +380635669918

Consulate General Odesa: +380955412788

Consulate Solotvino: +380682140918

List of travel risk countries in 2022

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has published a list of countries where it is not recommended to travel due to existing conflicts.

Countries considered risky for travel are:

► Afghanistan

► South Africa

► Algeria

► Angola

► Saudi Arabia

► Argentina

► Armenia

► Azerbaijan

► Bahrain

► Bangladesh

► Belarus

► Belize

► Benin

► Bolivia

► Brazil

► Brunei Darussalam

► Burkina Faso

► Burundi

► Cambodia

► Cameroon

► Chad

► Ivory Coast

► Colombia

► Costa Rica

► Djibouti

► Ecuador

► Egypt

► Eritrea

► Ethiopia

► Philippines

► Gabon

► The Gambia

► Georgia

► Ghana

► Guatemala

► Guinea

► Guinea-Bissau

► Equatorial Guinea

► Haiti

► Honduras

► India

► Indonesia

► Jordan

► Iraq

► Iran

► Israel

► Jamaica

► Japan

► Kenya

► Lebanon

► Liberia

► Libya

► Madagascar

► Malaysia

► Maldives

► Mali

► Morocco

► Mauritania

► Mexico

► Nepal

► Niger

► Nigeria

► Sultanate of Oman

► Pakistan

► Palestine

► Panama

► Peru

► Rwanda

► Republic of the Congo

► Central African Republic

► Republic of Korea

► Congo Dominican Republic

► Republic of El Salvador

► Kyrgyz Republic

► Republic of Nicaragua

► People’s Republic of China

► Democratic People’s Republic of Korea

► Republic of the Union of Myanmar

► Democratic People’s Republic of Korea

► Senegal

► Serbia/Kosovo

► Sierra Leone

► Syria

► Somalia

► Sri Lanka

► Sudan

► South Sudan

► Tanzania

For more details on the reasons why the MAE does not recommend traveling to the above countries, go to

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