October 2, 2022

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CONSTANTA: Local authorities launched the “You decide for Constanța” platform

You decide for Constanța!

It is the first time that you vote on the projects to be financed from the local budget. Register on the “You decide for Constanța” platform and you can participate in the implementation of projects that will transform the city. Come up with ideas and initiatives that can solve the problems you face.

“One of my main objectives is to involve citizens directly in decision-making at the administrative level. Constanța belongs to the people and I am glad that this participatory budgeting project, so important for the city, will materialize and become an instrument of decision-making transparency at the local government level, through which the wishes of the people of Constanţa will be respected” declared the vice mayor of Constanța , Florin Cocargeanu.

The total amount allocated from the local budget is 5 million lei/year, and a proposed project must fall within the amount of 500,000 lei, including VAT. The project with the most votes in each of the 10 areas will win: mobility, accessibility and traffic safety, planning green spaces and playgrounds, planning public spaces, culture, environmental protection/animal protection, digitalization, sports, social, education and health.

In order to be validated, the projects must be under the competence of the Constanța City Hall or the institutions subordinate to the Local Council and concern a space in the public property of the Constanța municipality.

Each natural or legal person can formulate only one project proposal for each of the fields established in the regulation. Those who live, work or study in Constanța and are at least 18 years old can propose and/or vote on city projects, as well as associations and foundations with their headquarters in Constanța. To be able to send project proposals and vote, you must create a user account in the online platform and identify yourself with a unique email account.

The online platform is available at: https://tudecizi.primaria-constanta.ro/

Also, the projects can be submitted in printed format at the Constanța City Hall registry.

An evaluation and monitoring commission, which will include representatives with decision-making power from the specialized apparatus of the mayor or institutions subordinate to the Local Council of Constanța, representatives of the Local Council of Constanța and representatives of civil society will determine the eligibility of the projects.

The 2022 session runs as follows:

19.09.2022 – 16.10.2022 – Project submission stage;

17.10.2022 – 04.11.2022 – Project analysis stage, which contains several steps:

17.10.2022 – 30.10.2022 – Evaluation of projects by the specially created Commission in order to establish eligibility;

31.10.2022 – Displaying the list of eligible projects (projects will be publicly displayed on the platform gradually during this stage, not all at the same time);

31.10.2022 – Displaying the list of rejected projects (projects will be publicly displayed on the platform gradually during this stage, not all at the same time);

01.11.2022 – 03.11.2022 – Submission and analysis of appeals;

04.11.2022 – Display of the final list of eligible projects.

07.11.2022 – 04.12.2022 – Voting stage;

13.12.2022 – Display of winning projects.

To find out more technical details, please go to the FAQ page and see the full rules.

The participatory budgeting process at the level of the municipality of Constanța through the “You decide for Constanța” campaign was approved by HCL no. 350/2021.

Online editor – Doina Sîrbu / Photo – Constanta City Hall

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