October 2, 2022

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CONSTANțA: FITIC has reached its seventh edition

The Constanta Blue Theater 2022 International Independent Theater Festival, now in its seventh edition, opened its doors on Friday, August 26, with a press conference (which can be followed on Facebook by accessing the link https:/ /fb.watch/f8vHf3rgkL/), which was attended by some of the stars of the theater and film scene in Romania today: Maia Morgenstern, Marius Bodochi, Magda Catone, Liviu Manolache, Cristian Iacob and the writer Cristina Tamaş, the representative of the jury for the Dramaturgy category.

Those present expressed their joy to be again in Constanţa, at FITIC 7.0, with the young actors, high school students and students, in the specific energy of a theater festival. “I am extremely glad that we are together again at the seventh edition of the International Independent Theater Festival Blue Theater Constanta 2022. I am glad that we can meet and meet again in a city that I like very much, at a festival with extraordinary energy. I am for the third year close to FITIC and I invite you all to the theater”, said actor Marius Bodochi, director of FITIC 7.0.

“We are here to affirm our total support for this festival, a festival of young people, who deserve their chance to understand freedom. We thank the organizers for offering us, this year, the opportunity to be with these wonderful young people. FITIC is a form of their freedom of expression. It’s up to them, it’s their right to present themselves and represent themselves. The right of others is to support the independent movement, which I do with all my heart. Ways must be found for young people to make their voices heard, and FITIC is such a way. FITIC has reached its 7th edition, it is developing, it has notoriety, it has a distinct voice and it must continue”, declared the famous Maia Morgenstern.

Magda Catone also supported the primacy of independent young people in the cultural paradigm. “The city enjoys what the artists bring, but they must be supported. This festival has its purpose because it supports artists with the help of Constanţa City Hall”, the actress pointed out.

The writer Cristina Tamaş spoke about the very good quality of the texts entered this year in FITIC 7.0, in the Dramaturgy category.

On behalf of Constanța, the actor Liviu Manolache participated in the conference, who analyzed the local theatrical phenomenon and emphasized the need to support Romanian dramaturgy.

The actor Cristian Iacob declared that he is extremely happy to be at FITIC 7.0, together with his colleagues and young people, who do what he does: theater with all his soul and all his heart!

The personalities present at the opening conference of FITIC 7.0 are part of the festival juries:

Blue Theater Jury: Marius Bodochi – director of the jury, Maia Morgenstern, Liviu Manolache, Alina Cristea, Mircea Rusu

Jury Seathre: Magda Catone, Cristian Iacob, Tiberiu Roşu

Dramaturgy Jury: writer Cristina Tamaş, theater critic Alina Cristea, journalist Valentin Ispas

What you can see at FITIC 7.0

This year, at FITIC 7.0, the organizers propose a new formula, in two new spaces, on Tomis Boulevard, in the Prefecture area and in the Archaeological Park, where three stages will be set up.

The guests who honor us with their presence at FITIC 7.0 and who bring more than 20 shows to the festival are: Bucharest National Theatre, Art Theater, Unteatru, Pocket Theater, Apropo Theater, Actors’ Guild, Coquette Theater, Performance Delivery, Professional Independent Theater & Let It Go Acting Studio, Trupa Aici, Victory of Art, Trupa 4teen, Trupa Ştefan Iordache, Atelierul de Teatru, Trupa Chaplin, Trupa Transparency, Trupa Amprente, Trupa Acting Up. Special guests: Maia Morgenstern, Horatiu Mălăele, Marius Bodochi, Bogdan Mălăele, Radu Captari, etc.

The program also includes theater, improvisation, dance and music workshops, with free entry for anyone who wants to get in touch with the famous workshop trainers: Maia Morgenstern, Cristian Iacob, Ştefan Lupu, Mihaela Sârbu, Tiberius Zavelea, Lăcrămioara Soare. The organizers also announce book launches, within the “Colored Library” project, which belongs to the Constanța Discover Association. The organizers of the “Coloured Libraries” opened, on this occasion, one of the largest open-air libraries in Romania, with almost 4,000 books. FITIC 7.0 visitors can borrow books for free and also donate books for the library.

Another surprise prepared by the organizers of FITIC 7.0 consists of four thematic evenings with films, music and other accessories from Italy, France, Great Britain and the United States of America, organized together with Zoom Beach.

Technical data, hours and schedule

FITIC 7.0 starts on August 27 and ends on September 3, 2022.

The performances will take place on the three stages specially prepared for this event: the Tomis stage (on Tomis boulevard, Prefecture area), the Park stage (Archaeological Park) and the Workshop stage (Archaeological Park).

“We have prepared many other surprises for the wonderful public in Constanţa and beyond. You can discover them on the Facebook page of the event and on the FITIC website, www.fitic.ro. As we have told you, entry to the shows is free, within the limits of available seats and in compliance with the measures in force at the time of the events. Tickets can be reserved on billet.ro. FITIC 7.0 is made in partnership with Constanța County Council, Constanţa State Theatre, Constanţa County Cultural Center “Teodor Burada”, “Ovidius” University Constanţa, representatives of civil society and is organized by Art Society Center and Constanţa City Hall. We are waiting for you!”, declared the organizers.

Online editor – Doina Sîrbu

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