May 28, 2023

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Concept 9 Residence Târgu Mureș. News and behind-the-scenes details. – News from Mures, Targu Mures News

Concept 9 is a large-scale real estate project that redefines the standards of comfort, design and functionality in terms of living in a residential complex. Mircea Musgociu, craftsman of the project, chose to present the stage of the investment, through three key characters: the manager of the Concept 9 project, the architect and its designer.

The project stage, with Petrea Ioan Marcel – project manager
At what stage are you with the execution of the Concept 9 Residence project?
The execution of the project is in the chart as follows: Block A: structure completed up to floor 9, masonry up to level 7, facilities level 3 Block B: structure completed up to floor 8, masonry up to level 5, facilities level 2 Block C: structure completed up to floor 8, masonry up to level 5, plumbing level 2.
Together with the team that I coordinate, we follow, depending on the specifics of each specialty and according to the execution schedules, day by day, the evolution of the works. Even if we have days when a number of 9 commercial companies, with over 200 employees, operate on the Concept 9 Residence construction site, I believe that we manage to coordinate their activity very well.
Our combined experience means more than 30 years in the field of construction, experience that is also reflected in the way we manage this site.
Our activity is not only of a technical nature, of checking the way in which the authorized works are executed, but also one of coordinating the executors, so that there are no blockages or errors in the execution. We are a link between the team of architects, construction companies and the sales team, but also responsible in the relationship with the authorities that have competence in the field of construction.
How are you with the supply of building materials?
The war in Ukraine, but also the current situation, have led to the increase in energy and fuel prices, with knock-on effects in terms of the price of construction materials, generating delays and blockages in terms of supply. From the date we started the works, together with the beneficiary we also established the material supply plan, so that the works are carried out according to the schedule. Additionally, from the first signals regarding the blockages, together with Mr. Musgociu we took care of providing the necessary construction materials in advance.
What is the timetable for future stages?
The works are carried out according to the execution schedules for each individual building. At the moment the works are on schedule, but I must state that in the field of construction we also depend on the weather. The experience so far has shown us that in recent years the winters have been milder, so at this moment we do not expect any delays in the delivery of the Concept 9 Residence apartments, forecasted for next year. Here I would also state that the quality of construction works is very important to us, so you can be sure that we will not speed up certain stages of the construction at the expense of quality
Cristian Hanusz – the architect of the project
What does Concept 9 Residence bring?
For us the main challenge of the project was the fact that we had the opportunity to furnish the first part of what is to be a new residential district. It was a unique opportunity to design, in such an important, visible and attractive area, and yet so untouched, a land almost completely free of construction, in the middle of nature, close to important objectives in the city. A novelty is a new standard of living, so that the buildings designed by us offer a large number of apartments with generous terraces, two-level apartments with an internal staircase, not just penthouses on the top floor, as in most projects. The morphology of the buildings also results from this, with the second half of the volume cut in a kind of diagonal, offering 10-11 apartments with exposure and a special panorama.
What challenges did you encounter in making the project?
I think the biggest concern, which we all had, is related to the comfort of the users of these buildings, corroborated by the desire to have an attractive building from the outside as well. Here things are made up of small interventions that work synergistically. To exemplify, I could mention the loggias, which offer the privacy of an interior space, being, at the same time, super open to the landscape, having the glass balustrade parapet, the entire panorama opens up and offers maximum natural light to the interior spaces.
To what extent do you manage to harmonize the architectural concept with the capabilities of the executing companies? We are bringing new things, or at least new to the domestic market, and this involves considerable effort from everyone involved. We are very satisfied with the team chosen by the beneficiary, here I mean both the design teams in various disciplines, as well as all those involved in the construction site, both on the management and quality control side, as well as the execution teams. During the design there was an intense participation, both of the people supervising the execution and of the beneficiary. We all wanted to have a solid project, its execution to be prepared in time, and the resulting building to be comfortable, easy to manage and maintain for the user.
I fondly remember long meetings, sometimes late into the night, where we discussed all our ideas together with the project manager, designer and beneficiary and discussed how we could implement them and what impact they would have on the project. I believe that this kind of dedication has made many of these proposals translate into the project and now being implemented on site.
The designer of the Concept 9 project, Mihai Chiriac
“If we were to understand design according to an explanatory definition, then the attributes of functionality, technique, ergonomics and aesthetics would overlap perfectly with the realization of Concept 9. But, from this explanatory definition, the excitement of the first ideas, the beauty of creating a residential complex that it contains the innovation, imagination and creativity of a welded team, which includes people with different specialties, I would say, and not “specialists”. When we talk about the design attributed to this residential complex, we must refer to the multitude of aspects that outline the project as a special one, such as the external appearance, given by the architecture itself, but also by the finishing materials, among which I would note the color and the texture of the decorative plasters, also the color of the carpentry, the shape and color of the entrance doors to the apartments, the finish of the elevators. It was not only the comfort of the beneficiary, obtained through the purchased apartment, but also that given by the surrounding environment, quantified by the very positioning of the complex, on a promontory, between a shopping center and the forest, the park of two thousand square meters, the reception of the blocks with a six meters high, achieved by giving up many square meters that could have been used commercially, the staircase of impressive dimensions for a residential block, the spacious halls, the loggias with glass balustrades and many, many other details that we have bent with great care, because each of us knows from our own experience that a good idea poorly put into practice loses its value.
Regarding the apartments, the attention to ergonomics was a special one, because I always say that the designer is, after all, a director who, through architecture and design techniques, stages the life of each of the beneficiaries.
Making up an appropriate mix of apartments, starting from extremely generous studios, two and three-room apartments, but also penthouses with extremely generous terraces, benefiting from spectacular views, are part of this type of concept.
It is also worth noting the interior height, of a “house” and not of a block, storage spaces, air conditioning and room thermostats as standard equipment, video intercom connected to a smartphone, etc.
Nothing could have been achieved, as far as I’m concerned, without the beautiful friendship and synergy I had with Mircea Musgociu, with whom I shared countless ideas, which led to the permanent shaping of the project. All this makes the Concept 9 project one of the top projects of Târgu Mureșului, of which we hope both tenants and those who will look at it from the outside will be proud.”

Florin Marcel Sandor

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