October 2, 2022

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Welcome to the Animax Universe from Timisoara! Nice to meet you and because we love having you around, we’re waiting for you this week with a super promotion dedicated to pets!

There are 4 stores in Timisoara Animax where, when you step in, you discover a whole universe dedicated to pets. Here, as close as possible to you, you can find all the goodies for your pet and everything else you might need for him – food, accessories, supplements, hygiene and maintenance products, beds, transport bags, decorations, etc. And your companions through this universe, the Animax teams, are people devoted to our non-speaking friends, eager to listen to you and provide you with expert advice so that your pet grows up healthy, beautiful and happy.

Because Animax loves animals very much and those who take proper care of them, we seek to ensure that every community in which we are present has, as close as possible, everything necessary to care for the little speechless ones.

Animax differentiates itself by the fact that it serves a large part of the Romanian pet retail market, and by offering personalized advice to any client, it has won the hearts of many pet families.

We train day by day to become better and better. The retail pet market in Romania has grown organically, and so have we, for that matter. Today we are better than we were yesterday, and this makes us happy because it means we manage to bring a smile to the faces of as many pet parents as possible. We are glad to be present in the community of pet lovers in Timișoara. Our desire is for every family to have a reliable and quality source of pet supplies nearby!” declares Ioana Socaciu, Animax Country Retail Manager.

Present in over 100 locations throughout the country and having over 20 years of experience in the field of pet care, Animax has learned over time that every pet is unique in its own way and has different needs. That’s why Animax stores in Timișoara (and beyond) today offer entire ranges of high-quality products, pets will surely find something to their taste.

Premium, superpremium, large bag or bulk food, cold-pressed or steamed food, dry, semi-moist or wet food. Similarly, in the case of toys – toys for chewing, pulling, or fetching, interactive toys or play sets. It is easy to get lost in the multitude of products in stores Animax from Timisoara. That is precisely why the well-trained and specialized staff in the area they manage are ready, at any time, to guide you in making the best choices for your pet. In addition, they create a pleasant atmosphere, for which our customers always come back, with great love, to shop in the 4 stores in Timișoara.

We do everything we can to make everyone who steps on our doorstep feel like they belong to a community where everything is thought out to make their Animax experience easier, more enjoyable and useful. Therefore, Animax FideliClub completes the Animax universe from Timișoara! Being the loyalty program specially designed to reward you, to accumulate dots and to benefit from discounts with every visit to the store.

Also in terms of discounts, we have another surprise for you: between September 1 and 4, 2022, we reward animal lovers with 25% DISCOUNT on all products in Animax stores from Timisoara.

The 4 locations in Timișoara where you can find us and enjoy the Animax universe are:

  1. Timisoara Auchan – Calea Aradului no. 56A

  2. Timisoara Dumbrăvița – Str. Mansion No. 55, Dumbravita

  3. Timisoara Giroc – Str. Calea Timisoarei No. 13, Giroc

  4. Timisoara Iulius Mall – Str. Demetriades no. 1

The stores Animax from Timișoara have: exclusive products, periodic promotions, a veterinary pharmaceutical point and a team of animal lovers, dedicated to providing the best advice for and about animals.

For more news and surprises, you can follow us: contact us, website, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.

Animax, for and about animals!



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