March 25, 2023

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Clotilde Armand: Residents of Sector 1 will receive “anti-crisis vouchers” of 1,000 lei

All residents of Sector 1 will receive an anti-crisis voucher worth 1,000 lei to pay their energy bills, from the money saved by renegotiating the sanitation contract, Mayor Clotilde Armand announced.

The mayor of Sector 1, Clotilde Armand, announced, on Monday, a project by which every adult resident in the sector could receive an anti-crisis ticket of 1,000 lei for energy and appealed to the representatives of the political parties in the City Council to leave the “electoral calculations ” and to approve this project.

“Today, for the first time for local administrations, I present to you our measures for the citizens of the sector affected by the current energy crisis. We offer financial support to the citizens of Sector 1 to be able to overcome the energy crisis more easily. We encourage the implementation of energy efficiency measures in every home from Sector 1. We are offering 200 million lei to the residents of Sector 1. It is financial support in the form of an anti-crisis voucher worth 1,000 lei for each resident,” Armand said in a press conference.

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Clotilde Armand

She specified that the aid is nominal and every resident who has turned 18 will receive this anti-crisis ticket.

The money for the tickets comes from the renegotiation of the sanitation contract

“Only citizens residing in Sector 1 will benefit from this aid”, Clotilde Armand also specified, adding that every citizen will receive the ticket at home.

According to the mayor of Sector 1, the source of the money for these tickets comes from the savings made from the renegotiation of the contract with the sanitation operator: 100 million lei in 2021 and 100 million lei in 2022.

“PNL and PSD said that they are not doing anything with the money we obtained from the renegotiation of this contract investigated by the DNA. Now every citizen will feel in his pocket where the savings are. We have financial funds at our disposal. You already know that PNL, PSD in the local council they blocked all the investments proposed in over 10 local council meetings. Especially the decisions aimed at the energy efficiency of the buildings in Sector 1. (…) I am calling on all political formations to leave the pride of the party and the calculations electoral and to come to the support of the citizens, voting for this project at the next local council meeting”, said Armand.

The mayor added that he will call a meeting of the local council on Monday, which will take place in a week, and this council decision will be put to a vote.

“Inhabitants of the sector can choose for themselves the destination of priority investments in the energy sector”

“It is an anti-crisis measure that can be applied quickly. (…) With this money, the residents of the sector can choose for themselves the destination of priority investments in the energy sector”, Clotilde Armand also said, mentioning in this regard the insulation of the building, the installation of photovoltaic panels or heat pumps, new windows or doors, new radiators, other heating systems, the purchase or change of the apartment or apartment central unit and, where possible, the payment of energy bills.

Clotilde Armand claimed that this is the solution that the local administration of Sector 1 found suitable for the citizens, at this moment, “in the absence of support measures adopted by the Government of Romania”.

She added that this solution could be extended to other town halls led by USR representatives.

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