September 29, 2022

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Ciucă, about the increases announced by PSD: A populism that has nothing to look for in communication with citizens

PNL leader Nicolae Ciucă said, when asked if he sees as populist the PSD proposals regarding the increase in pensions and salaries, that “there is a very big distance between words and deeds”.

He also added that there is a difference between “doing the right thing, being responsible and a populism that has nothing to look for today in communication with the citizens of the country”, informs

“At this moment, I think that the discussions on this subject are sufficiently effervescent. I return to what I stated previously. There is a very big distance from words to deeds. How, moreover, it is very far from what it means to impose or communicate, as it is from doing the right thing, being responsible and a populism that has nothing to look for today in communication with the citizens of the country”. declared Nicolae Ciucă, when asked at the end of the BPN of the PNL on Wednesday, whether the measures proposed by the PSD regarding increasing pensions and salaries could be seen as populist.

Asked if the PSD will come up with an analysis and show that pensions can be increased, the PNL agrees, the prime minister replied: “I said from the beginning of the answer to the first question”.

“Our duty as the Government, of the PNL, of the PSD, of the coalition as a whole is to take care of the citizens of the country. It is our responsibility to make sure that the vulnerable feel the passage through this period of crisis as easily as possible. We all have the duty to make these analyses, to come up with them, to argue them and, based on the existing possibilities in the Government’s treasury, be convinced that we will take the appropriate decisions”, added Ciucă.

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Nicolae Ciuca

Labor Minister Marius Budai announced on Wednesday that the PSD will propose in the coalition to increase the minimum wage to 3,000 lei, the minimum pension to 1,100 lei and the value of the pension point to 1,745 lei.

Asked if pensions and salaries will be increased from January 1, 2023, as PSD proposed, Nicolae Ciucă stated that what Marius Budai announced in this regard was not discussed in the coalition or in the Government. The PNL leader also said that he had discussed this topic with the leader of the social democrats, Marcel Ciolacu, but remained at the level of intention. The Head of the Executive added that such measures must have support in reality, a financial one, and there must be the budgetary possibility to support a measure to increase pensions and salaries.

“I am convinced that Mr. Budai knows very well what is written in the Government’s job description, I think also in the description of the Minister of Labor, and when we come up with such proposals, he should have taken into account that it is mandatory to consult the Tripartite National Council, plus the consultation of the coalition. As such, we will have a Government-level approach. It’s about responsibility and what people expect from us, to know that the Government is in a position to make real decisions and doesn’t talk. From here we discuss what he does, not what we talk about. When we will have completed these matters, namely the elimination of pension inequities. When we complete them, we will think about increasing salaries and pensions. I believe that I have commented enough on Mr. Budai’s political statements at the moment, these statements and intentions were not debated in the coalition and in the Government, and as such we stop here”, added the prime minister.

Asked if the Minister of Labor will be sanctioned for such political statements regarding the increase of pensions and salaries, the Prime Minister replied: “There are decisions and measures that I will take in accordance with the functional attribute”.

“We discussed with PSD president Marcel Ciolacu, including these intentions to think about such measures. It’s just that from the intention and to think, to have the figures on the table, it remained at the level of discussion and nothing more”, said Ciucă.

Regarding the fact that Budai did not participate in Wednesday’s meeting of the Government, the prime minister stated that the ministers have this right to let a secretary of state participate in the meeting, in case of other political actions. He added that he did not allow Marius Budai to announce any measure, but to take part in a political action.

“I did not allow him to announce any measure. I allowed him to participate in a political activity”, explained Ciucă.

The Prime Minister of Romania Nicolae Ciucă also added that depending on the budget collections and following the discussions in the governing coalition, a decision will be made regarding the package of social measures

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