March 29, 2023

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CIA director can’t comment on Putin’s nuclear threat: It may be dangerous and reckless

The Russian front is collapsing in the south, a Ukrainian war correspondent reported on Tuesday. He confessed that he can no longer keep up with the information about the newly liberated cities that appear hour by hour.

The rapid advance achieved by Kiev’s forces keeps the Russians at bay from Odessa and the rest of Ukraine’s Black Sea coast. On the other hand, the member states of the European Union agreed to train 15,000 Ukrainian soldiers as quickly as possible, according to the German publication Der Spiegel. The details of the plan will be negotiated in Brussels next week.

For two days, there has been speculation that, if confirmed, Russia has put some of its nuclear capabilities into motion. After the footage of the train carrying the nuclear equipment and rumors of the Bologorod submarine being moved, new footage, allegedly filmed on a road near Moscow, shows five Topol nuclear missile launchers.

Officials in Kyiv dismissed the reports as part of Moscow’s information terrorism. And the people in charge at the Pentagon dismantle all these rumors.

CIA Director: “Putin is cornered and has his back against the wall”

John Kirby, the National Security Council’s strategic communications coordinator at the White House: “We are monitoring what is happening very carefully. So far, we have not observed anything that would cause us to change our posture of strategic deterrence.”

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CIA Director William Burns admits, however, that it is hard to tell whether President Vladimir Putin is bluffing the nuclear threat.

William Burns, Director of the CIA:Cornered and with his back against the wall, Putin can be dangerous and reckless. We have already seen the erroneous assumptions he made before the war.”

In other news, presidential adviser Mihailo Podoliak mocked Elon Musk for suggesting that Ukraine should accept Russia’s annexation of Crimea in exchange for an end to the war.

Musk proposed his recipe for peace between Russia and Ukraine on Twitter, asking users what they thought of his solution. Podoliak countered with another peace plan, which includes the liberation of all Ukrainian territory, the demilitarization of Russia and an international tribunal for Russian war criminals. For his part, Zelensky asked, also on Twitter, which people Elon Musk prefers, the one who supports Ukraine or the one who supports Russia.

Kiev’s troops are gaining more and more ground against Russia

On the front, Ukrainian forces continued to make substantial gains around the town of Lyman and in the Kherson region, where several Russian units are on the verge of encirclement. The Ukrainians are trying to clear as much of the territory as possible before bad weather sets in and frost sets in, which would make large-scale military operations difficult.

The Russian groups destroyed or put to flight in Donetsk and Kherson, but also in the Kharkiv region, a month ago, were units considered among the best conventional fighting forces of Russia. Their failure to hold territory shows that even the elite troops are getting weaker.

Hence no hope from the new recruits, many of them with little military experience and poorly equipped. Russian lawyers say they are overwhelmed by requests for advice from those who fear the incorporation order. The best way to avoid conscription is to leave Russia now, the lawyers tell them. If not possible, hide, avoid at all costs to sign the subpoena, would be the backup advice.

In parallel, Russian propaganda voices continue to criticize the military collapse.

Margarita Simonian, director of the Russia Today station: “If some in the Army don’t understand (who they’re fighting), maybe they should be replaced. I’m not asking for them to be executed by firing squad, but we should replace them and then see what and how.”

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