March 25, 2023

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CFR Cluj wins in the Conference League, FCSB loses on score

CFR Cluj achieved an important victory with the Slavia Prague team, score 1-0 (1-0), on Thursday evening, at the Eden Arena in Prague, in Group G of the Europa Conference League football competition.

The Romanian champions emotionally won a game in which they were totally dominated by Slavia, but Rangelo Janga’s goal (45) made the difference.

Slavia took control of the game from the first minute, when Manea blocked Jurasek’s cross. The goalkeeper Scuffet, one of the highlights of this match, had a first intervention in the min. 11 when he deflected Olayinka’s ball for a corner and then Yeboah cleared the danger. The Italian goalkeeper stood out in min. 19, when he caught Doudera’s shot at the short corner.

The Czech vice-champion also had two bars in the first half: the first in min. 24, when Olayinka’s shot was deflected by Tecl with his heel on the crossbar, and the second in min. 41, when Provod shot from about 24 meters into the right post of Scuffet’s goal.

CFR struck in min. 45, in a phase that did not announce anything: Roger was isolated in the corner of the field, but he managed to cross in front of the goal, and Rangelo Janga took advantage of Kacearaba’s passivity and opened the scoring. For the international from Curacao, it was the first goal scored in the shirt of the CFR team.

And the second half unfolded according to the same scenario, with Slavia attacking in waves and CFR having few counterattacks.

CFR thus obtained its first victory in a group in which all teams have 4 points and zero goal difference. In Thursday’s other match, FC Ballkani beat Sivasspor 4-3 away.

CFR Cluj will play a rematch with Slavia Praga on October 13, in Cluj-Napoca.

Slavia Prague – CFR Cluj 0-1 (0-1)

Scored: Rangelo Janga (45).

Prague, Eden Arena

Europa Conference League – Group G

The teams evolved:

Slavia: 1. Ondrej Kolar – 21. David Doudera, 30. Taras Kacearaba, 4. Aiham Ousou, 33. David Jurasek (19. Murphy Dorley, 87) – 23. Petr Sevcik, 5. Christ Tiehi (27. Ibrahim Traore, 69) – 16. Moses Usor, 17. Lukas Provod (22. Ewerton, 61), 9. Peter Olayinka – 11. Stanislav Tecl (captain; 20. Yira Sor, 61). Coach: Jindrich Trpisovsky.

Unused reserves: 31. Adam Dvorak, 34. Jan Sirotnik – 35. Matej Jurasek, 41. Ondrej Kricfalusi, 44. Erik Biegon, 45. Martin Subert, 52. Albert Labik.

CFR Cluj: 1. Simone Scuffet – 4. Cristian Manea, 44. Yuri Matias, 33. Denis Kolinger, 45. Mario Camora (captain) – 10. Ciprian Deac (47. Christopher Braun, 77), 21. Bismark Adjei-Boateng (40. Lovro Cvek, 87), 73. Karlo Muhar, 8. Roger – 32. Rangelo Janga (9. Cephas Malele, 70), 15. Emmanuel Yeboah (99. Sergiu Bus, 77). Coach: Dan Petrescu.

Unused reserves: 23. Rareş Gal, 34. Cristian Bălgrădean – 2. Karlo Brucic, 11. Claudiu Petrila, 20. Vito Hammershoej-Mistrati, 28. Ovidiu Hoban.

Referee: Fabio Maresca; assistant referees: Fabiano Preti, Giorgio Peretti; fourth official: Ivano Pezzuto (all from Italy)

Yellow cards: Yuri (31), Usor (43), Muhar (51), Deac (60), Yeboah (73), Scuffet (90+3).

FCSB was outclassed by the Danish team Silkeborg IF with 5-0 (3-0), on Thursday evening, at Silkeborg Stadium, in Group B of the Europa Conference League football competition.

Coming to Denmark without several starters, the Romanian vice-champion made an appearance and scored five goals, scored by Anders Klynge (3), Kasper Kusk (7), Nicklas Helenius (35 – penalty), Stefan Teitur Thordarson (58) and Tonni Adamsen (71).

Silkeborg completely controlled the game, scored on every shot on goal (FCSB never shot into the opposition’s goal area) and easily won a match in which the score could have been even higher.

FCSB lost the match from the moment the first eleven was formed, a fact proven by the fact that in min. 7 the score was already 2-0 for the hosts.

Octavian Popescu lost a ball in the min. 3, and Anders Klynge resumed Joergensen’s cross in the goal. In min. 7, Kusk shot from 20 meters, and the ball was deflected by Dawa, sneaking into the corner of the goal defended by Târnovanu.

FCSB tried to get into the game and Octavian Popescu shot from distance (10), but the ball went past Vinclu.

Silkeborg entered the booth with a three-goal advantage, after Miculescu fouled Engel, and Helenius certainly converted the received penalty (35).

The fourth goal of the team coached by Kent Nielsen came after a cursive action by the hosts (58), completed by Stefan Teitur Thordarson, after a ball placed by Kusk.

Tonni Adamsen closed the scoreboard (71), with a simple restart to Engel’s cross.

Silkeborg had no win in its last ten matches in European cups (one draw and nine defeats).

West Ham United beat Anderlecht 1-0 in Brussels in the other group game.

West Ham United is the leader, with 9 points, followed by Anderlecht, 4 points, Silkeborg, 3 points, FCSB, 1 point.

On October 13, the return matches will take place, FCSB – Silkeborg and West Ham – Anderlecht.

Silkeborg IF – FCSB 5-0 (3-0)

They scored: Anders Klynge (3), Kasper Kusk (7), Nicklas Helenius (35 – penalty), Stefan Teitur Thordarson (58), Tonni Adamsen (71).

Silkeborg Stadium, Silkeborg

Europa Conference League – Group B

The teams evolved:

Silkeborg: 1. Nicolai Larsen – 5. Oliver Sonne (3. Robin Oe˜stroem, 67), 20. Tobias Salquist, 4. Joel Felix, 29. Lukas Engel – 8. Stefan Teitur Thordarson (22. Robert Gojani, 76) , 14. Mark Brink, 21. Anders Klynge – 27. Sebastian Joergensen (18. Anders Braendsgaard Dahl, 82), 7. Kasper Kusk (23. Tonni Adamsen, 67) – 11. Nicklas Helenius (captain; 10. Soeren Tengstedt, 67). Coach: Kent Nielsen.

Unused reserves: 16. Oscar Hedvall, 30. Aske Andresen – 17. Mads Kaalund, 24. Andreas Oggesen, 25. Lukas Klitten, 28. Andre Calisir, 40. Alexander Busch.

FCSB: 32. Ştefan Târnovanu – 22. Radu Boboc, 5. Joyskim Dawa, 6. Denis Haruţ, 28. Alexandru Pantea – 20. Marco Dulca (80. Eduard Radaslavescu, 46), 26. Răzvan Oaidă (29. Rachid Bouhenna, 87) – 11. David Miculescu, 13. Andrei Dumiter (30. Alexandru Musi, 46), 10. Octavian Popescu (captain) – 90. Bogdan Rusu (9. Ianis Stoica, 46). Coach: Nicolae Dica.

Unused reserves: 99. Andrei Daniel Vlad – 2. Valentin Creţu, 77. Sorin Şerban.

Referee: Mikola Balakin; assistant referees: Viktor Nîjnik, Oleksandr Korniko; fourth official: Iaroslav Kozîk (all from Ukraine)

Yellow cards: Dulca (15), Miculescu (34), Oct. Popescu (64).

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