March 25, 2023

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Budget correction at the Mureș County Council – News from Mures, News Targu mures

The county elected officials approved on Thursday, September 29, in an ordinary work session, the amendment and completion of Mureș County Council Decision no. 10/2022 regarding the approval of the general budget of Mureș County for the year 2022, with revenues in the amount of 928,835,000 lei and expenses in the amount of 1,003,323,000 lei.

We reproduce, in the lines below, the content of the approval report related to the draft decision, a document drawn up by Péter Ferenc, the president of the Mureș County Council:

“In accordance with the provisions of Article 19 of Law no. 273/2006 regarding local public finances, with subsequent amendments and additions, the Mureș County Council, as a result of substantiated proposals of the main credit authorisers, can approve the amendment and addition of its own budget.

Through address no. 24060/September 9, 2022 The General Directorate of Social Assistance and Child Protection Mureș transmits the communication to the National Authority for the Protection of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities regarding the increase by 1,110,000 lei of subsidies for financing the rights granted to persons with disabilities in 2022.

By Government Decision no. 1072/2022 regarding the distribution of the amounts corresponding to the quota provided for in Article 6 paragraph (1) letter e) of the State Budget Law for the year 2022 no. 317/2021 for the financing of public performance institutions subordinated to the local public administration authorities of the administrative-territorial units in the counties, namely theaters, opera houses and philharmonic halls, Mureș County was allocated 12,276,000 lei.

By Government Ordinance no. 19/2022 regarding the rectification of the state budget for 2022, the following amounts were allocated to Mureș County:

– 6,055,000 lei, amounts broken down from the value added tax for the financing of decentralized expenses at the county level, of which 5,157,000 lei for the financing of the “Program for Romanian Schools” and 529,000 lei for the financing of the rights of children with educational needs integrated in special education special and 369,000 lei for scholarships.

– 3,835,000 lei for the financing of expenses regarding county and communal roads, for the year 2022.

The above sums, to which are added own revenues realized and not included in the budget, as well as savings resulting from some expenditure chapters, are allocated according to the destinations established by the aforementioned normative acts, as well as for financing the expenses necessary to ensure the activity of the following institutions, so:

– 418,000 lei for the School Center for Inclusive Education no. 1, according to address no. 24770/19 September 2022.

– 325,000 lei for the School Center for Inclusive Education no. 2.

– 155,000 lei for the School Center for Inclusive Education no. 3, according to address no. 2306/19 September 2022.

– 50,000 lei for the Salvamont-Salvaspeo County Public Service, according to address no. 22718/24 August 2022.

– 293,000 lei for the General Directorate of Registration of Persons in Mures, according to address no. 23174/30 August 2022.

– 8,287,000 lei for the Tîrgu Mureș State Philharmonic, according to address no. 24647/16 September 2022.

– 3,989,000 lei for the Ariel Theater for Children and Youth, according to address no. 23317/01 September 2022.

– 24,000 lei for Vatra Magazine, according to address no. 23331/September 1, 2022.

– 22,000 lei for Revista Látó, according to address no. 25198/September 21, 2022.

– 70,000 lei for the Mureș County Center for Traditional Culture and Artistic Education, according to address no. 22796/25 August 2022.

– 1,110,000 lei for the General Directorate of Social Assistance and Child Protection Mureș, according to addresses no. 24060/9 September 2022, no. 25147/21 September 2022 and no. 25149/21 September 2021.

Financial-Accounting Office by internal note no. 20858/August 2, 2022 requests the purchase of a computer and a multifunction device worth 30,000 lei. Supply Service by internal note no. 24331/September 13, 2022 requests the purchase of an anti-burglary alarm system for the authority’s archive in the amount of 14,000 lei.

By internal note no. 24677/September 16, 2022 The Directorate of Regional Development requests the inclusion in Annex no. 12 “The investment plan related to the assets given in administration or concession that are financed by the IID of the amount of 160,000 lei for SF building cell 2 DDN Sânpaul.

By internal note no. 24952/September 20, 2022, the Technical Directorate requests some resets in the road program, the investment program and the repair program according to Annexes no. 8f, 9c and 10.e.

Through address no. 24674/September 16, 2022 Mureș County Hospital requested to increase the institution’s budget by 2,490,000 lei according to Annex no. 5/1/d.

Through address no. 22934/September 15, 2022 Dr. Gheorghe Marinescu Târnăveni Municipal Hospital requested an increase in the institution’s budget according to Annex no. 5/2/e.

Through addresses no. 24340/13 September 2022, no. 24823/19 September 2022, no. 24100/9 September 2022 and no. 1447/September 19, 2022 The Mureș County Library, the County Military Center, the County Museum and the Mureș County Resource and Educational Assistance Center request some resettlement within the approved budgets.

Through address no. 24304/September 13, 2022 The “Mureșul” Professional Artistic Ensemble requested an increase in the budget by 120,000 lei, as a result of supplementing its own income.

Through address no. 24558/September 15, 2022, RA “Transilvania-Târgu Mureş Airport” requests an increase in the operating state aid by 390,000 lei, to cover the deficit from airport activity due to the reduction of own revenues estimated to be achieved by the end of 2022, as well as some changes in the investment list.

By Decision of the Mureș County Council no. 116/2022, the participation of the Mureș County Council in the organization, development and financing of cultural and social activities of public interest in the county was approved. The breakdown of amounts by activity is according to annexes 3/222-3/224.

The mentioned changes can be found in annexes no. 1/f, 2/f, 2/1/f, 2/2/f, 3/1/f, 3/4/b, 3/5/a, 3/8/ b, 3/9/a, 3/10/a, 3/11/a, 3/12/a, 3/13/b, 3/14/b, 3/15/d, 3/18/c, 3/19/b, 3/21/b, 3/22/c, 3/23/a, 3/24/b, 3/25/b, 3/43/a, 3/44/b, 3/ 45/a, 3/48/d, 3/49/b, 3/50/b, 3/51/d, 3/52/c, 3/53/d, 3/54/a, 3/55/ d, 3/56/b, 3/57/d, 3/58/b, 3/59/c, 3/60/c, 3/61/c, 3/62/c, 3/63/d, 3/64/d, 3/65/d, 3/66/d, 3/67/a, 3/68/c, 3/69/c, 3/70/c, 3/71/c, 3/ 72/c, 3/73/b, 3/74/b, 3/88/b, 3/91/c, 3/97/a, 3/107/a, 3/222, 3/223, 3/ 224, 4/e, 4/1/b, 4/3/b, 4/4/b, 4/5/b, 4/6/c, 4/7/a, 4/8/b, 4/ 9/b, 5/1/d, 5/2/e, 8/f, 9/c, 10/e, 11/e and 12/d.

According to article 39, paragraph (3) of Law no. 273/2006 on local public finances with subsequent amendments and additions, the draft decision on the rectification of the general budget of Mureș County for the year 2022 was submitted for public consultation on July 21, 2022, on the notice board of the institution under number 25163.

In relation to the above, we submit the attached decision draft for debate and approval.”


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