May 28, 2023

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Bucur maternity nurse, among the first to intervene: “If there was a Collective tomorrow, things would be the same”

Daniela Minea, now 53 years old, is a neonatology nurse at the Bucur Maternity Hospital. She is among the dozens of nurses who intervened first on the night of the fire at Colectiv, helping the injured with everything they could.

Daniela believes that, since then, nothing has really been resolved in the health system, and if there was a serious incident like the one at Colectiv, things would look the same.

COLLECTIVE, 7 YEARS – Bucur maternity nurse, among the first to intervene: If tomorrow were Colectiv, things would be the same

When I remember…bitter thoughts. First of all, nothing has really been resolved since then, although we waited for something to be resolved during this period, as it was not resolved to a large extent even in health or…everything is about the same. Exactly as the minister who was at that time said that everything is ok and patients can be treated and it was not like that, it is like that now.

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Things would look the same (.n .red if a new Collective took place). My question was then, and now, if, God forbid, there will be an earthquake in Bucharest, what will Bucharest look like? What will hospitals look like? Because no new hospital was built in the 30 years since the Revolution, lucky for the deceased that we stay in some hospitals that he built 50, 60 years ago and if there were no such hospitals we would be treated in tents.

And if, God forbid, it’s a catastrophe, because Bucharest is as you know it is, with the blocks that are, that’s how it will be, in those tents that Arafat put up in Băneasa, or wherever he put them. There they will be”, said Daniela Minea.

Changes in the health care system. With what regret remains assistant Daniela Minea after Colectiv. “I don’t think it’s ok to build public hospitals with private money“, she says. We work in a maternity hospital that will be 100 years old.

That the state should have solved something, at least a little bit of what it had to solve, because, for example, I don’t think it’s ok to build public hospitals with private money, that is, an NGO managed to build a hospital, but the state Romanian, no. It is true, there were facilities, because I work in the hospital and I know, the facilities are there, that is, we are at a high level in terms of facilities, there were several people involved and the facilities exist, I do not know if it is the same in all hospitals, but we work in a motherhood that will be 100 years old. So the building was built in 1938 and these big hospitals, Municipal and all, are 50 years old“, said Daniela Minea.

The night at Colectiv – what impressed the nurse who helped the victims with her colleagues the most. One of the bodyguards said:Do not help here, because they are already dead“.

The fact that those who managed to get out of there went back to get the others out. There were many, we didn’t manage to help them very much, the rescuers came, they took them, they arrived at the hospitals, I remained friends with a lot of those who were there.

The shock when I left the yard and someone, I think one of the bodyguards said, “Not here, don’t help here because they are already dead”, they had already sorted them out on the sidewalk, first aid was given on the sidewalk. They also took 6, 7, it didn’t matter that there were 2 or 3 places to save, they took more and took them“.

“How they got them out of there, they put them on the sidewalk”

I found the trial very strange, firstly because it was long, like all trials, and secondly, the verdict. It doesn’t seem normal to me that those who were involved only get so few years. They held that club in a place that…I was shocked when I went after that and saw there, there was a warehouse that was…how could you get so many people in a warehouse that didn’t have windows, the windows were sealed, there was a shoe warehouse from the time of Ceauşecu, and in order to steal, they probably bricked up the windowsDaniela Minea, an assistant at the Bucur maternity hospital in Capital, told

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