March 25, 2023

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Belarus threatens Ukraine and neighboring states to respond “instantly and harshly” in case of war: “Don’t provoke us”

The Armed Forces of Belarus will do everything to ensure the security of the country, warned the Belarusian Minister of Defense, Viktor Khrenin (photo article).

The Minister of Defense of Belarus, Viktor Khrenin, conveyed to the neighboring states that they do not want to wage war with them, but warned them, at the same time, not to provoke Belarus.

We see that our Ukrainian neighbors are concerned about possible aggressive actions by the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus. Information continues to leak about alleged preparations for an attack on our side. We have only one answer to this: do not challenge us, we do not intend to fight you. We do not want to wage a war with either the Lithuanians or the Poles and even more so with the Ukrainians. If you don’t want to either, and if you don’t take any wrong steps, then there will be no warViktor Khrenin reacted, quoted by Belta, the national news agency of Belarus.

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Belarus also warns that it will respond “harshly” if “at least one meter of Belarusian land is subject to aggression“. “We warn you once again against provocations. You don’t want a war with us. We don’t want a war either“, emphasized the Minister of Defense.

I would like to repeat the words of the commander-in-chief for the Belarusians: the situation is not so serious that we should panic. Everyone should calmly go about their business. The Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus will do everything in their power to ensure security“, he concluded.

Lukashenko accuses two NATO countries of preparing “terrorist attacks” in Belarus

Aleksandr Lukashenko, the president of Belarus, accused, on Monday, Poland and Lithuania of preparing “terrorist” attacks and a “military rebellion” in his country.

Initially, Aleksandr Lukashenko accused only Ukraine of such intentions, when he announced during Monday morning the deployment of a “regional” military group together with Russia, according to AFP, quoted by Agerpres.

The training of fighters in Poland, Lithuania and Ukraine, including Belarusian radicals, to commit acts of sabotage, terrorist acts and a military rebellion in the country becomes a direct threat“, he said during a meeting with senior security officials in Minsk.

The United States and the European Union say that they will legitimize our fugitives as a political force, they plan to seriously strengthen their support for destructive elements and aggravate the situation on the western (Belarusian) border in order to open a second front there“, Lukashenko added, according to the statements quoted by the press service of the Belarusian presidency.

Consequently, Minsk and Moscow will deploy a joint military group, he indicated, without specifying the place of its deployment.

Yesterday (Sunday), through unofficial channels, we were warned that a strike from Ukrainian territory on Belarus is being prepared,” said Lukashenko, assuring that Ukraine wants to build “a bridge Crimea number 2”, referring to the Russian bridge damaged by an explosion on Saturday.

He said he sent a message to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, urging him not to touch “his dirty paws even one meter of Belarusian territory”, according to AFP.

If you want peace, prepare for war“, President Lukashenko also said, at the same time affirming that “there must be no war on the territory of Belarus“.

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