December 9, 2022

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Autumn admission at UMFST Târgu Mureș – News from Mures, News Targu mures

The University of Medicine, Pharmacy, Sciences and Technology (UMFST) “George Emil Palade” from Târgu Mureş announced, on Friday, the start of applications for admission to the autumn session to the undergraduate and master’s study programs for the 70 available places, of which 10 budgeted in the field of health, as well as for a number of non-medical specializations.
According to a press release from UMFST Târgu Mureş, autumn admission will be organized for the 6- and 5-year undergraduate study programs in the field of Health: 10 budgeted places in Pharmacy in Hungarian, the rest of the places being fee-based, in medicine and medicine dental in Romanian and English and pharmacy in Romanian.
“Candidates oriented towards the 6- and 5-year study programs in the field of Health will take the entrance exam on September 9, 2022, on the remaining available places (…) The admission methodology will be identical to that of the July 2022 session. Candidates for admission to the Medicine and Dental Medicine study programs will take a test to verify their knowledge of the English language on September 8, 2022, at 11:00 a.m. – written exam, at the University headquarters, with the accepted/rejected result (Amphitheater 16, Main Building (C3), Gheorghe Marinescu str., no. 38)”, states UMFST Târgu Mureş.
Also, UMFST Târgu Mureş organizes admission to the Architecture program in English in the September session, where candidates will take an eliminatory test of English language skills, evaluated with the grade Admitted/Rejected or, as the case may be, they will submit it during the registration stage a certificate of attestation of language skills (English language).
“The admissions competition, for testing the qualities and skills of the candidates, will consist in the evaluation of the portfolio of representative personal works, carried out in compliance with the provisions of the Guide for drawing up the portfolio (Annex 3 of the Methodology), and the practical test of graphic representation will include a number of exercises, with equal or different weight of appreciation, which will be written on a single sheet, format 50×70 cm, in a representation technique specified in the statement of the contest subject. The requirements of the exercises will be written in English”, stated UMFST Târgu Mureş.
The admission of candidates to the 3- and 4-year undergraduate study programs will be done according to the Regulation on the organization and conduct of the admission competition in the undergraduate cycle, on the basis of a file competition (without a written test), respecting the same admission criteria applied to candidates enrolled in the July 2022 session.
Also, specific exams will be scheduled for admission to the Pedagogy of Primary and Preschool Education (PIPP) and Physical and Sports Education degree programs, within the “Petru Maior” Faculty of Sciences and Letters.
For admission to the master’s study programs, applications are made online on the platform:, between September 1 and September 9, at 12:00, with the exception of the master’s program “Advanced medical scientific research pharmaceutical”, for which registration will be done between September 12 and September 16, at 12:00 p.m.
The admission exam to the master’s programs will take place on September 12, and the written practical test for admission to the “Advanced Medico-Pharmaceutical Scientific Research” master’s program will be held on September 28.


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