December 9, 2022

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Art and emotions at Sărmașu City Days – News from Mures, Targu mures News

After the awards and good thoughts that were shared at the ribbon cutting of the Sărmașu Secondary School on Friday, August 26, the Sărmașu City Days program gathered those willing to join, at the Cultural Home in the center of the city. Here art and music merged, giving rise to a special show sprinkled with emotions and smiles.

“We proposed that the motto of these days be “Education, Culture and Tradition”. Because, I say, only through education and culture can we build beautiful and strong characters. That’s why, these three days will be cultural activities that will fill our souls with warmth, love and goodness. I thank you for being with us today. I hope that these days you feel good, have fun, enjoy yourself because we deserve once a year after so much work and effort, let’s come for a few days in which we feel good”, addressed the guests the mayor of Sărmașu, ec. Valer Botezan.

Art exposition

And because education had already been not only appreciated, but also praised, the hall of the Cultural Home became the place where culture left its mark, primarily through the opening of the “Sequences” painting exhibition. The art critic Oliv Mircea shared his opinion about the exhibition and its author: “It’s an attention grabber, as if, here, someone who made a medical career at the highest level, at one point began to exercise a second love, which was his love for culture”.

“As for the exhibition, it is composed of 61 works… Huge for a painter’s workshop, which does not have this as a priority activity. The doctor is a primary care physician, as I told you. In my role as the head of the Artistic Group from Bistrita, I have seen him over the years, always in the art gallery and then, the surprise was when he invited me to his home, to his workshop made at home and showed me these works. They first of all prove that Mr. Stileț has an artistic vision and that, perhaps the most difficult thing, he mastered the language of visual arts, which is a different language than the usual language of science or literature”, the master of criticism also told art by Oliv Mircea.

“Painting for me was a pleasure. When I was little, my mother could draw. He drew some mice and I always asked him to draw me one more time. After that, we had drawing teachers who trained us and gave us this pleasure. But I didn’t have the opportunity to practice this beautiful profession, only to flirt with it. And now, after retirement, I was lucky enough to meet important people who helped me and I managed to do these things, somewhere it is a duty fulfilled. Please look at the paintings, I say that each painting must be thought about, not just seen from a distance because each one expresses something, as far as I could express”, pointed out the author of the painting exhibition, son of the village of Sarmaș, Dr. Doru Stileț .

Interpretations that aimed at the soul

Among the thousands of colors and meanings expressed by the paintings displayed on the walls, the hall was filled in what followed, with musical notes chosen in such a way as to soften the hearts of the listeners or make them tremble. Camarà Antonie and Tamas-Lukacs Ingrid created emotion through their interpretations on the keys, and a special moment on stage was Olivia Cenan’s monologue. It manifested through words and gestures the last letter of the great Colombian writer Gabriel Garcia Marquez, “The Doll”, a poem full of sensitivity and emotion conveyed to the audience perfectly.

An explosion of moods was also conveyed by Andrei Șofron, a resident of Sarmas whom music carried away, but who returned these days to his hometown to convey to the people the fire he has in his heart and voice. Accompanied by Olga Borgas, he gave a musical recital, managing to enter the souls of those present.

At the end, those present were delighted by the performance of the “Amadeus” choir, masterfully conducted this time by Father Daniel Camară.


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