October 2, 2022

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ANPC fined 265 Lidl stores over 3.5 million lei. 24 were closed. Lidl’s reaction

Commissioners of the National Authority for Consumer Protection (ANPC) fined 265 Lidl stores over 3.5 million lei, among the irregularities discovered were expired products, dirt and insects.

Also, 24 Lidl stores were closed. The representatives of Lidl Romania have conveyed that they have taken all steps to remedy these situations in the shortest possible time, conformable News.ro

“I don’t know enough German to translate what I said in the past: we are not the pelicans of Europe! The Romanian consumer, the one who ensures your income, must be respected! Renovate, clean, bring quality products, stop looking for options to make us <>! If there is order and cleanliness at home, consider this country and its citizens as part of Europe! We deserve to be treated honorably! What do you think?”, said the president of ANPC, Horia Constantinescu.

Among the deviations found by the ANPC commissioners are: the sale of food products with an exceeded consumption limit date; the sale of pastry products that had insects on the surface; the sale of alcoholic beverages with labeling deficiencies (lack of some ingredient on the label); inconsistencies between the price value written on the label and the one displayed on the product, as well as between the price on the shelf compared to the one at the cash register; the sale of vegetables and fruits not properly cleaned, of poor quality, with mold, organoleptically modified, of different calibers, the sale of unsanitized eggs.

Also, the control teams also discovered the sale of bakery-pastry products with incomplete information regarding the mention “frozen products”, with damaged packaging, without disposable gloves when serving, the use of display windows for sale, of unsanitary bakery-pastry products; the use of ovens, in the bakery-pastry areas, not properly sanitized and of burnt trays; the existence of live insects in the preparation and baking space; the use of improper storage conditions for food products from a hygienic-sanitary point of view; deficiencies in the labeling of food products (lack of mandatory mentions, according to the law, lack of translation into Romanian).

Likewise, other irregularities were the use of refrigerated display cases that were not properly sanitized, with dirty shelves, a layer of dust, sludge, liquid leaks and rust, and refrigerated boxes with massive, excessive accumulations of ice, dust, impurities, food scraps and hair; the sale of soft drinks with deformed, damaged packaging; the sale of food products with damaged packaging; failure to comply with the promotions regime (failure to display the promotion period, failure to display the new price and the old sales price of the product under promotion, erroneous calculation of the discount percentage); the use of a properly unsanitized storage space with a damaged floor; the existence of unsanitized pavement and dirty shelves in the sales area; the use of scales that recorded errors.

Lidl: ANPC checks from the current month, in an unusually large number, targeted 85% of Lidl Romania stores

Shortly after the ANPC statement, Lidl Romania representatives sent the following statement, beginning with the fact that the number of ANPC checks at Lidl stores was “unusually high” this month.

We reproduce the full statement:

“The ANPC checks from the current month, in an unusually large number, targeted 85% of Lidl Romania stores. These actions resulted in the identification of certain deviations in certain stores in the network. We have taken all steps to remedy as soon as possible time possible these situations considering that, in the relationship with the authorities, we always show total openness and because we make sure in everything we do that we are constantly improving to keep our place in the hearts of our customers.

Ever since we entered the market, our most important goal has been to provide our customers with the best shopping experience. The Lidl Romania team thanks the millions of customers who cross our threshold thanks to the quality of our products, but also because they know that their health and safety are a priority for us. We continue to serve them with the products they know and appreciate, and we guarantee our daily effort to offer them the best value for money.”

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