December 9, 2022

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ANPC fined 256 Penny stores from all over the country with over 3.5 million lei

The National Authority for Consumer Protection (ANPC) last week carried out a series of checks at the stores of the Penny supermarket chain, as a result of which it imposed fines of 3.5 million lei, according to a statement from the ANPC.

“Bright as a new penny”, that’s what the English say with reference to something bright, exceptional. We can’t associate our Penny with something exceptional, new, well-maintained. Other penalties, the same transgressions! It’s been too long since no one has properly evaluated this retailer’s business. And he has forgotten to pay enough attention to you, the consumers. We will be seeing Penny’s management soon. I am sure they have excuses, justifications, explanations, and dozens of other options, other than those of getting your hands on the mop or putting it in the company’s pocket to replace equipment that is too old.I shout on behalf of consumers: Respect us!“, said Horia Constantinescu, ANPC president.

256 stores belonging to the Penny chain were controlled, out of the 306 that Rewe Romania SA manages in our country.

For the detected irregularities, ANPC commissioners applied 333 contravention fines, totaling 3.5 million lei, and 110 warnings. They also ordered the definitive stop from the sale of non-compliant food products, in the amount of over 100,000 lei, the temporary stop of the provision of services, until the deficiencies are remedied, for 29 units and the closure of the unit for a period of up to 6 months for 6 stores, from the counties of Bacău (4 units), Prahova (one unit), Giurgiu (one unit).

Among the irregularities found by the ANPC commissioners during the controls are: the sale of food products with an exceeded consumption limit date; the sale of vegetables and fruits that are not properly cleaned, of reduced quality, with mold, organoleptically modified, of different calibers; the sale of frozen products with excess ice and organoleptic changes; the sale of alcoholic beverages with labeling deficiencies (lack of some ingredients on the label); the sale of broken eggs, in formwork; storing food products directly on the pavement; the use of unsanitary refrigerated display cases, with insects, food waste, dust; the use of ovens, in the bakery-pastry areas, not properly sanitized and of burnt trays; the use of improper storage conditions for food products from a hygienic-sanitary point of view; labeling deficiencies of food and non-food products (lack of mandatory mentions, according to the law, lack of translation into Romanian, etc.).

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In addition, the commissioners of the authority found the sale of some food products with damaged packaging, non-compliance with the promotions regime (the period in which the promotion takes place is not mentioned, there is no reference product for sale for multi-packs), the use of a properly unsanitized storage space , with damaged flooring, non-compliance with the food storage temperature regime recommended by manufacturers, non-display of potentially allergenic ingredients of products that were sold in bulk, lack of display of the price of some products on the shelf and the existence of discrepancies between the price of the product at the cash register and the one on the shelf.

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