December 9, 2022

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ANNIVERSARY. 21 years of probation in Romania – News from Mures, News Targu Mures

On September 3rd, we celebrate 21 years since probation contributes to the administration of justice in Romania. Through the actions, services and people who make it up, probation tries to achieve objectives such as: the social reintegration of people who have committed a criminal act, capitalizing on their socio-economic potential and increasing the safety of the community.

Historical milestones of probation in Romania

In Romania, the probation system started in 1997, with the creation of an experimental probation center in Arad. This experiment involved the combined efforts of civil society, the General Directorate of Penitentiaries, local courts, as well as local authorities. A series of legislative steps followed, to which several public and private bodies (in particular NGOs) contributed, the purpose of which was to build a probation system adapted to the Romanian political and cultural context.

After the establishment of several experimental probation centers in the country (Găești, Focșani, Gherla, Dej, Cluj, Iași, Pitești, Târgoviște, Timișoara, Bucharest), since 1998, the technical assistance offered by the British government took shape in a five-year project , called Probation in Romania, which aimed to create a nationwide probation system.

Starting from September 2000, probation entered a new stage of institutional development, of expansion at the national level, thanks to the regulation of the status of probation services and the activity of probation counselors.

Although more than 20 years have passed since these preliminary stages, the Romanian probation system is still developing, evolving and consolidating, in the process of identifying its place within the justice system, forming an identity clear, continuing to make efforts to increase its visibility as an institution in Romania.

Currently, at the level of the Mureș Probation Service, a number of 14 probation counselors are active, in the next period the team will expand in the case of filling the seven vacancies for which the competition organized by the National Probation Directorate is in progress.

“Probation Day is an anniversary moment that gives me the opportunity to congratulate my colleagues for all the efforts they make in their daily work. It is known that any activity requires the engagement of several resources, but the human resource is the most involved in the performance of specific activities. Probation is an important component of the Romanian judicial system, which has strengthened its position within it, especially after the entry into force of the New Criminal and Criminal Procedure Codes (2014), when our activity diversified a lot. We expect and want our team to expand by filling all seven vacant positions because we are faced with a large volume of activity, and probationary work involves directing attention and implicitly time to each beneficiary with a view to social reintegration”, said Camelia Stăncescu, head of the Mureș Probation Service.


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