March 25, 2023

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Ambitious plans for the new management of the Târgu Mureș National Theater – Mures News, Targu Mures News

The new interim general director of the Târgu Mureş National Theatre, Pál D. Attila, appointed by the Ministry of Culture to lead the institution for 120 days, announced on Wednesday that he proposes to rehire some actors, directors and technical staff, as well as preparing studies for renovation of the building.
“Considering the short-term mandate, the newly appointed director does not intend to take decisions that will limit the activities of the Theater’s artistic creators for a longer period of time. The activity of Pál D. Attila aims at making decisions that improve the operating conditions of the Theatre, among others, but also the rehiring of some actors, directors and technical staff. In the near future, two important challenges regarding the Theatre’s activities will be addressed: the completion of the new season’s program and the preparation of feasibility studies aimed at renovating the Theatre’s building”, said the Târgu Mureş National Theater in a press release, sent on Monday, Agerpres.
According to the press release signed by Pál D. Attila and artistic director Dan Rădulescu, the 2022/2023 season marks a historic period in the path of the Liviu Rebreanu Company, which turns 60 years old.
“It is 60 years of theater in Romanian in Târgu Mureş. The Liviu Rebreanu company aims to convey this spirit of recognition and appreciation of the Theater in a large anniversary event that will take place in the first half of December, and through a varied, offering and challenging range of seasonal shows. We will return soon with additional information about the anniversary program”, states the quoted source.
At the end of November, the document also states, the premiere of the performance “Jocul ielelor” by Camil Petrescu, directed by Adi Iclenzan (at the Great Hall), will take place, followed by a one man show with Ion Vântu.
At the beginning of 2023, the premiere of the show “Proces de poveste” based on stories by Ion Creangă, dramaturgy Daniel Oltean, result of the “Popular Theater – Ion Creangă, stories” project, and a surprise event is scheduled for the National Culture Day.
In April, the director Theodor Cristian Popescu will premiere the show “Unbearably Long Embrace” by Ivan Vârâpaev, and the season will end with a show staged by another familiar name to the Mures audience, and not only, Cristi Juncu.
The show “Three Sisters” by AP Cehov, a production of the Târgu Mureş University of Arts, directed by Irina Moscu (class of professor Theodor Cristian Popescu), will be able to be seen on the stage of the National Theater starting from the last part of the season.
“Besides the artistic creation, an extremely important and urgent challenge is the renovation of the Theater building, for which discussions have begun with the officials of the Ministry of Culture and with those of Development. According to what was considered, it is expected that by the middle of next year, the feasibility studies and the plans for the implementation of the renovation will be completed, elements without which it will be impossible to start the renovation works”, the press release states.
Also, Pál D. Attila assured both companies of the Târgu-Mureş National Theater and the technical staff that the institution will have adequate conditions for the process of artistic creation to continue undisturbed.


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