March 25, 2023

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All the rooms were full of blood. What do the prosecutors say about the macabre painting found in the home of some pensioners in Codlea

Murder in a family from Codlea, Braşov county. A 65-year-old woman was fatally stabbed, and her husband – also wounded – was barely breathing when the firefighters entered the home of the two.

The soldiers entered through the window, alerted by the daughter-in-law of the pensioners. Investigators are investigating the scene and at this time they cannot say if there was a fight between the two husbands or if someone else attacked them both.

The woman, hit with both a knife and an ax

The two elderly people were “in a pool of blood”, the 65-year-old woman, declared dead upon the arrival of the rescue crews, with multiple injuries that seem to have been caused by both a knife and an ax, stated the chief prosecutor of the Prosecutor’s Office attached to the Braşov Court, Claudiu Sandu.

The 67-year-old man is at the Braşov County Hospital, where he was operated on, at this moment his condition is uncertain.

“It was not possible to talk to anyone, therefore, at the moment, preliminary checks are being made to find out why he ended up in a family that the neighbors say had no history of violence, they did not fight, why ended up in such a situation, in which a pool of blood was found in the apartment. (…) The injuries that were or will be identified during the autopsy must be established, it must be checked with what they were produced. At this moment, no they start from the assumption that a crime has taken place, preliminary checks are carried out, in order not to miss any details. The male person was found at the entrance door of the apartment, fallen, and the female person was found in fallen living room. A lot of blood in the kitchen, in the living room and in the entrance hall, it’s hard to say if there was a fight or not,” said the head of the Prosecutor’s Office attached to the Braşov Court, according to Agerpres.

According to him, from the first investigations, the woman seems to have been stabbed with a knife, but also hit with an ax.

“In the case of the female person, who was found by the prosecutor on the spot and whose death was pronounced on the spot – because nothing more could be done, she had numerous injuries on the head and on the left forearm, which can lead to the conclusion that he would have tried to defend himself – (…), at first glance, the injuries seem to be of two types: produced with a sharp cutting body, but also with a cutting body in the form of an ax”, a said Claudiu Sandu.

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All the rooms of the house were full of blood

The alarm went off at 9:30 in the morning when the daughter-in-law of the two pensioners became concerned that no one was answering the phone or the door. The firefighters called to unlock the apartment came across a terrifying picture: all the rooms of the house were full of blood. The 65-year-old woman, stabbed several times, was lying breathless in the living room.

In the entrance hall, still alive, was the man, with serious injuries and heavy bleeding.

Steluța Coțiu, Brașov Ambulance: “Semi-conscious, in a rather serious condition. Couldn’t talk to him? No, not at that time. Cut wound to abdomen and multiple wounds to scalp.”

The couple were last seen yesterday when they returned from a walk in the woods. They were cheerful and nothing seemed wrong with them. No one heard any suspicious noises in the apartment.

Started immediately, the on-site investigation has not ended even now, and the prosecutors admit that they were facing an extremely difficult case.

Claudiu Sandu, Prosecutor’s Office attached to the Brașov Court: “Given the extent of the scene that needs to be checked and the atypical situation in which the investigative bodies find themselves, we must be patient to check every corner of the apartment, so that no detail is missed. “

The man underwent emergency surgery. For now, the doctors’ prognosis is reserved. The investigators hope that the man will recover so that he can give details about what happened in their house.

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