March 25, 2023

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Alexandru Arșinel died. The actor was 83 years old

Actor Alexandru Arșinel died on Thursday, after a long period in which he faced medical problems, a kidney transplant and several hospitalizations.

Alexandru Arşinel was hospitalized at the Bucharest University Emergency Hospital since September 15 for the treatment of injuries caused by prolonged bed rest.

“This evening, the great actor Alexandru Arșinel, passed away after a long suffering. Mr. Alexandru Arșinel was hospitalized on September 15, 2022, in the Bucharest University Emergency Hospital and for a week he was in the Intensive Care Unit. The management of the Bucharest University Emergency Hospital sends its condolences to the bereaved family. May God rest him,” the University Hospital said.

Alexandru Arșinel was in Intensive Care

“Taking into account the medical history and in order to have him under closer supervision, it was later decided to transfer him to the ATI department”, informed the medical unit on September 20.

The actor was also hospitalized last month, at the Fundeni Clinical Institute.

Alexandru Arșinel, director of the “Constantin Tănase” revue theater, was recognized for his roles in films and comedy plays, as well as for his long partnership with Stela Popescu.

Who was Alexandru Arșinel?

Alexandru Ion Arșinel was born on June 4, 1939 in the town of Dolhasca in Suceava. He studied at the Faculty of Theater in Bucharest, and in 1960 he was chosen to present a televised show on TVR. This was his first contact with what was to be his great love: television.

After graduating, in 1962, he went to the Hungarian theater in Târgu Mureș, and two years later he auditioned at the “Constantin Tănase” Magazine Theater in Bucharest. From then until his death, Arșinel remained in the same theater, and from 1998 he became the director of the institution.

Throughout his career, he has acted in television shows, films, plays, and radio theater. He was also part of one of the most famous couples on the screens, alongside Stela Popescu.

Famous films with Alexandru Arșinel

A comedic actor with huge talent, Arșinel has been cast in some of the most memorable Romanian comedies, as well as dramas and historical films. Thus, he had roles in “Holiday at the Sea” – 1962, “The Sky Begins on the Third Floor” – 1967, Last Days of Summer (1976), “Ana and the Thief” – 1981, “Ca-n Filme” – 1983, Summer sentimental (1986), The Turquoise Necklace (1986), “Every Day I Miss You” – 1987, “Miss Coast” – 1990, “The Boy With One Braces” -1991, “The Second Fall of Constantinople” – 1994, “Paradise live” – ​​1997, “Sexy Harem Ada-Kaleh” – 2001, “War of the sexes” – 2007 – 2008 or “Everyone in our family” – 2012.

Due to his unmistakable voice, he was chosen to voice in animated films, being the voice of Baloo Bear in the films “The Jungle Book” (“Jungle Book”) and “The Jungle Book 2” (“Jungle Book 2”) and the Sheriff in the films “Cars” (“Cars”) and “Cars 2” (“Cars 2”). He was Little John in “Robin Hood” and Master Auguste Gusteau in the movie “Ratatouille”.

The singer Alexandru Arșinel

In addition to his roles in films, plays and his partnership with Stela Popescu, Arșinel was a born singer who never shied away from showing off his musical talent. He played in musicals and released several audio albums: Evergreen, Christmas songs, What are you doing tonight?, Olé, Perfume of romance’ or “Happy birthday!”.

He also liked to sing covers, his favorites being songs from the repertoires of Nat King Cole, Frank Sinatra, Engelbert Humperdinck or Tom Jones (singer).

Personal life

Alexandru Arșinel married Marilena in 1968 and spent his life with her. Together they have two boys, Bogdan and Cristian.

The actor said that his love idyll started by chance, when he saw Marilena on the street. At first, the young woman was reluctant to court the young actor, but in the end he managed to convince her of his intentions and in 1968 they were married.

Alexandru Arșinel’s medical problems

In the last years of his life, Alexandru Arșinel faced several medical problems. Suffering from diabetes and high blood pressure, the actor also had other serious health problems.

In 2013, he underwent a kidney transplant at the Urology and Kidney Transplant Institute in Cluj. He said then that his kidney problems started when he was young, and in the 2000s he reached the stage where he was undergoing dialysis. Then in 2013 he underwent a transplant, after which he said he felt he had been given the right to a new life.

The intervention was controversial, resulting in criminal complaints and investigations by prosecutors. Information appeared in the public space according to which the actor was registered on the waiting list, in the National Transplant Registry, on the same day he underwent surgery. This happened in the context where there were, at the time, more than 1,700 patients waiting to receive a kidney.

Then came heart problems. In 2021, he tested positive for COVID-19, and then his condition deteriorated and he was forced to undergo two open heart surgeries.

This year, however, his health deteriorated and he was hospitalized several times with various complications.

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