October 2, 2022

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A Romanian woman from Germany is looking for her son who disappeared three months ago in a forest in Switzerland. Amazing testimonies

A Romanian woman from Germany is alone looking for her 21-year-old son who has been missing since mid-May in a forest in Switzerland.

The woman traveled several times from the federal state of Rhineland-Palatinate to Switzerland to find her son. Two witnesses are convinced that they saw the young man. Both mention that he was accompanied by a girl, according to the Swiss daily Blick, writes news.ro.

Ştefan Ioniţă disappeared from home on the night of May 18 to 19, but his mother, Georgeta Marcu, hopes that her son is still alive. That’s why she came to Switzerland at the beginning of August for the third time since her son’s disappearance, to look for him.

Journalists from the daily Blick accompanied Georgeta in one of her searches. The meeting point was the Felsberg parking lot, where Stefan’s white Hyundai was found at the end of May, when he was last seen.

His mother looked for him everywhere, went up by cable car, went to cabins and in the forest, in hospitals and psychiatric clinics in the area.

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In Germany, the young man was officially declared a missing person and an investigation was opened.

“He loves the forest”, revealed Georgeta Marcu, crying. However, the woman remains strong and continues to search, tirelessly, but without success, until the present time.

The Trier police stated that Stefan’s tracks are lost “in the parking lot. “Our manhunt is still ongoing, as there is no new information on his whereabouts,” say the police.

However, there are two startling testimonies. Two witnesses are convinced that they saw Stefan. Both mention that he was accompanied by a young woman.

One of the witnesses is Ursula Hoffmann (56 years old), the owner of an inn in Vättis, who claims that she is “one hundred percent sure” that Stefan was at the inn in May, where he drank an apple juice, but at that time , the woman did not know that the boy was missing.

The bartender remembers an important detail: “I memorized Ştefan’s registration number. It was special. I’m German too, but I didn’t know this abbreviation”.

The owner remembers that Ştefan was not alone, but was accompanied by a young woman, “a small, slim girl with long black hair”, who, like Ştefan, was very quiet and barely spoke.

“I couldn’t tell if the two were there as a couple,” “they had breakfast but didn’t eat much. The girl paid – cash,” he added.

In the descriptions of the second witness, Fabienne B., from Felsberg, a woman with black hair also appears.

“I was in the car, going home. Then I passed a young man running on the bridge over the Rhine. He was heading for the Felsberg train station. A young woman with dark hair was walking three to four meters behind him,” said Fabienne.

The woman is sure that the man was Ştefan Ioniţă, because she recognized him “by his blond hair”, being a hairdresser.

The young man “seemed to be in a hurry”, and the girl “was much smaller than him”. Fabienne only found out later that Stefan was missing.

Georgeta has no idea who this mysterious young woman with black hair could be, but “the thought that Stefan might not be alone reassures me”, she says.

The German police did not want to comment on these two testimonies. The details of the investigation are currently not publicly disclosed. However, the desperate mother does not lose hope and asks the mysterious young woman with black hair for one thing, to “get in touch” with her.

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