March 29, 2023

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A new leadership at the Liberal Women’s Organization Timișoara | TIMPOLIS

Mihaela Valcovici

The Liberal Women’s Organization – Timișoara elected, on Thursday evening, its new leadership for a four-year term. The new president, Mihaela Daniela Valcovici, is a cardiologist and internal medicine doctor.

The composition of the OFL’s new governing body is as follows:

chairman: Mihaela Daniela Valcovici (doctor);

First vice-presidents: Carmen Popescu (economist) and Bianca Marănescu (scientific researcher);

Vice-presidents: Alina Brie (doctor), Alina Baci (engineer), Dana Berinde (lawyer), Olimpia Oprea (doctor), Angela Răducan (teacher), Daniela Adam (engineer), Aurelia Chirilă (retired), Cristina Rebreanu (nurse), Anca Mocanu (engineer) and Alexandra Avrămuț (educator);

States: Aida Lupulescu (teacher), Mirela Dan (entrepreneur), Adina Leaha (restaurateur), Ruxandra Christodorescu (prof. dr.), Camelia Irimia (psychologist), Giorgiana Gog (assistant manager), Daniela Chida (medical assistant), Anca Ghiță (doctor), Otilia Tomulescu (doctor), Lavinia Jianu (lawyer) and Laura Gabor (economist);

Treasurer: Adriana Dehelean (human resources specialist).

Mihaela Daniela Valcovici he is a cardiologist and internal medicine doctor at the Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases in Timișoara and a researcher in New York, where he works with a prodigious team, on studies of global impact. During 2020, he was director of the Timiș Public Health Directorate. She has been a member of PNL Timiș for 12 years, being, in the past, a member of BPJ PNL Timiș, and currently a member of the Health Commission, vice-president of OFL Timiș and member of BPL PNL Timișoara. Mihaela Valcovici succeeds her on this position Daniela Marislocal councilor in Timișoara, who led the liberal women’s organization for five years.

“The main objective of my political project is to support the PNL to win the local and national elections in 2024. I propose a solid political training of the PNL Timișoara members, so that they can formulate pertinent points of view on liberal policies. Together with the elected team, we will contribute to the application of the gender quota, a measure promoted and supported by the PNL, which, I have no doubt, will increase the participation of women in the political decision-making process. The increased participation of women in politics is an imperative for an equitable development of society. When a woman enters politics, the woman changes. But when more women enter politics, politics changes. Bringing a large number of liberal women into politics and to the polls will be a joint commitment of the entire team of OFL Timisoara”, was the message of Mihaela Valcovici, the new president of the liberal women in Timișoara.

Photo: PNL Timiş

Alin Nicathe president of PNL Timiș and president of the Timiș County Council, told them that the PNL Timiș target for 2024 is ambitious: regaining the Timișoara City Hall, maintaining the Timiș County Council and obtaining at least 50 percent of the town halls in the county: “Let’s go at least once on a path beaten by others: let’s have the same political color at the Timișoara City Hall and the Timiș County Council. This has never happened in the last 30 years. It will be a lot of work, but we have projects for the people, for the citizens, and we can carry them out without wasting energy in fights between institutions. People have high expectations from us. I rely on your tenacity. If we are going to see active, involved women who bring results, that 50 percent gender quota is a small percentage for the next election“.

Photo: PNL Timiş

In turn, Cosmin Campdeputy mayor and president of PNL Timișoara, told the liberal ladies to be united and brave: “Don’t shy away from speaking up and expressing your views. I will rely on you a lot and not only in election campaigns. At BPL PNL Timișoara we instinctively applied the gender quota. We have nine ladies out of a total of 27 members. We were convinced of your value, not your gender or age, but what you represent in society. Your role is to actively participate in political life. I want you to go out to the citizens, to be active, because you have something to do. You have power, intelligence and quality.”

The CCL OFL Timișoara meeting was also attended Geanina Pistrufirst vice-president of OFL Romania, parliamentarians Marilen Gabriel Pirtea, Ben Oni Ardelean and Cosmin Sandruthe general secretary of the organization Danut Grozalocal and county councillors, Sorina Ciurlea, county councilor and president of OFL Timiș, and Andrada Iova, president of TNL Timisoara.

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