March 25, 2023

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A major escalation of the war in Ukraine could follow. Russia Practiced ‘Massive Nuclear Strike’

President Biden has warned that Russia would make a very serious mistake if it ended up using a tactical nuclear weapon in Ukraine.

Sergei Shoigul, Russian Defense Minister: “Comrade Supreme Commander, under your leadership, we are conducting a training exercise of the Strategic Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, practicing a massive nuclear strike, in response to a nuclear attack by an enemy.”

However, it was an exercise planned for some time and the United States was informed in advance.

US President Joe Biden: “Russia would be making a very serious mistake if it used a tactical nuclear weapon in Ukraine.”

But Moscow claimed – this time also in a closed-door meeting of the UN Security Council – that Ukraine was planning to use a so-called “dirty bomb” – an explosive device with radioactive material.

Dmitry Polyanskiy, the Russian ambassador to the UN: “Ukraine has the capacity. Ukraine has every reason to do so because we know that Zelenskiy’s regime wants to avoid defeat in the first place. Second, he wants to involve NATO in a direct confrontation with Russia, which is very dangerous, but would be profitable for the Zelenski regime to stay in power.”

An absurdity – replies Kiev.

Igor Zhovkva, Deputy Head of the Office of the President of Ukraine: “They ran out of means to achieve success on the battlefield. They use these inciting scenarios that you already know that actually reflect what they’re going to do. Ukraine would never try to make a ‘dirty bomb’ or anything else.”

Jens Stoltenberg: “The Russians are accusing others of things they are going to do themselves. They must know that if they use a ‘dirty bomb’, a radiological bomb, it will be a serious escalation.”

Brig. Gender. Pentagon press secretary Pat Ryder: “From the US point of view, the allegations that Ukraine is building a ‘dirty bomb’ are false. I have not seen at this point, however, any indication that Russia has made a decision or intends to use nuclear weapons or a “dirty bomb.” But, again, we will continue to monitor closely.”

Even a military expert asked, live on a Russian television, for evidence to support what the Kremlin says about Kiev’s alleged plans.

Victor Olevici, expert, Center for Current Policies, Moscow: “If there is real information, real evidence about where this “dirty” bomb is and where they want to use it, if there are documents, show the documents. These challenges are not made without a written order. If the Russian military services have all this data, it’s time to reveal it.”

After the objective of the so-called special operation was trumpeted as the “de-Nazification” of Ukraine, now, in the Kremlin, the register has changed. An official declared, even in the Security Council, that Moscow urgently needs to “de-satanize” the neighboring country! Aleksei Pavlov, the council’s deputy secretary, argued that Ukraine had turned into a “totalitarian hypersect” where citizens had abandoned Orthodox values.

Aleksandr Dughin, Kremlin ideologue: “This is a war of Heaven against Hell. This is a war fought by angelic warriors. This is a war of Archangel Michael’s vassals against the devil.”

Experts believe that through this kind of rhetoric, accessible to both Christians and Muslims, Moscow is trying to align its war with religious values.

Beyond that, however, according to the assessment of the American Institute for the Study of War – Vladimir Putin “would have been directly confronted” by members of his close circle regarding the conduct of the war in Ukraine.

Vladimir Putin, President of Russia: “It is important for us to focus on the real situation, on the real needs in certain areas. As for the special operation, the equipment must not only be available, but also modern and efficient.”

Dissatisfied with the situation at the front, the propagandists demand … total destruction.

Vladimir Soloviov, director of Russia One: “If we had occupied Kharkiv… it is clear that the main logistics center is there. Let’s wipe him off the face of the earth if we have to! Where does the threat to Kherson come from? What are the nearest cities? Where do they (the Ukrainian military) come from? From Nikolaev? Then destroy Nikolaev!”

All the while, the head of the Ukrainian presidential chancellery, Andri Iermak, called for the immediate delivery of a sufficient number of anti-aircraft defense means, to reject what he called… “the terror of Russian missiles”.

Defense against drones and missiles is considered by Ukraine to be a security guarantee for the future, the official said, after talks in Kyiv with national security advisers from the United States, the United Kingdom and France.

Iermak stated that – within an international group of experts – the debate continues regarding the guarantees that could ensure the existence of Ukraine in the future, as a neighbor of Russia. One of these guarantees could be precisely an anti-aircraft defense system.

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