May 28, 2023

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7 DAYS IN ROMANIA – where stupidity doesn’t hurt – News from sources

Sunday Andrei Marga’s statements made waves: “Ukraine is in unnatural borders. It must cede territories: to Hungary – Transcarpathia, to Poland – Galicia, to Romania – Bucovina and to Russia – Donbass and Crimea”. Critics accused him of taking over the Putinist narrative in the field. The discussion is long and complicated, and democratically speaking, anyone has the right to say any nonsense. But what surprised me is the misuse of the American theory of “political realism”, which, by the way, I share. This requires operating with realities, to find balanced solutions in international relations. But it does not talk about the violation of international law, nor does it warrant war crimes, such as those in Ukraine. Moreover, changing the current borders of the neighboring country would mean yet another extremely dangerous precedent for Europe, which has been torn apart by various secessionist initiatives and where the ethnic element has generated countless wars in history. We all know how Stalin drew borders within the USSR to control populations in vast territories, in contrast to the principle of nations enshrined in the Paris Peace Congress after World War I. And from here to canceling stability on the continent by validating such dangerous assumptions is a long way.

Months the famous entertainer of USR, Iulian Bulai, also remarked: “It is horrifying that a former top politician from the PNL can adopt such a speech.” This was probably small at the time when Andrei Marga was a top politician of PNȚCD, the party where he established himself in the 90s, which is why we can attribute the vehemence of the statement to youth and inexperience. Finally, PNL sources announced that General Ciucă would have demanded that those responsible for the oral chanting at the PSD be held accountable. It is hard to believe that the head of the liberal youth will be able to sanction the authors, when they will invoke the source of law of the presidential speech from the National Council of the PNL in August 2018: “unimaginable actions have begun, people who dare, attention, to- and publicly express the anti-PSD opinion are taken in broad daylight by the police” said then, firmly, the great enemy of PE SE DE.

Tuesday press sources circulated the idea that the national leaders of the PNL would have asked the Bucharest leadership to withdraw political support for Nicușor Dan. The decision would be hasty, I say. Especially on the eve of winter, and just a week away from the 2-year anniversary of the victory in 2020. 2 years of unparalleled performance, felt by the gullible who stamped the square with the name of a small child, the diction of an even smaller child and infantile thinking. In addition, it would be a shame if the “descendants of the Bratians” did not continue the good cooperation with the USR, at least if we think about the shenanigans of the former Security, which lead the two “right-wing” parties.

Wednesday, the Prefect of the Capital noted again. He seems to have assumed the role of the last redoubt trying to stop the chaos caused in Bucharest by the elected officials of the PNL-USR alliance, who obviously benefit from the ignorance/protection of the failed (de jure) state, defined as such by your president. “A local council project has the value of a normative act, a law. However, the decision must be implemented by the executive, that is, by the mayor and the city hall apparatus. It is an activity to which the mayor is obliged. I attacked and gave deadlines to implement those decisions, after which I will apply the fines provided by the law” said Toni Greblă, referring to the abuses of the way of life of sector 1, which has become the household waste bin, the rat reservation and the collection of misfortunes of Bucharest.

Thursday, tendentious voices from the Europol Union accused the ministry led by the erudite “Dorel de la Interne” of having organized a dedicated tender, worth 20 million euros. I say these putinist russophiles – otherwise I don’t explain my allegations against the most voted and most prolific golfer in Romania – that only BMW models could have qualified according to the criteria established in the specifications. Moreover, “a certain part of the press” suspects that there is a connection between the award of the contract and the alleged friendship of your president with the boss of the importer’s company. All these are obviously baseless attacks, most likely guided by occult and destabilizing forces. But the real news seemed to me to be the assumption that the great skier and tennis player would have friends. Other than the meditation paying parents, of course.

Friday, who is in the delegation with the service in the USA, Klaus Iohannis reassured his compatriots with fewer holidays regarding the future: “Romanians and the Government of Romania do not stand idly by, they get involved, they work. Romania is doing well. The economy is growing. It’s very positive news.” This last sentence led me to an introspection: if I meditated on grammar, could I get 6 houses? And if so, for what PERIOD should I meditate it? Finally, a long-awaited book was released on Friday, the volume of memoirs of an old and genuine liberal, the former Minister of Defense, Teodor Atanasiu. The event hall was full of old PNL members, from the time when this party had not become the direct successor of the FSN, nor was it the battalion of mercenaries of some temporary tenant from Cotroceni.

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