May 28, 2023

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30 lawyers from Mures, legal education teachers – News from Mures, Targu Mures News

The dean of the Mureș Bar Association, lawyer Viorel Gorea, approved and validated the activity program of the “Be a lawyer in your school!” team, as well as the allocation of lawyers involved in the project team, in the 2022-2023 school year.

The decision was taken on October 11, 2022 at the proposal of lawyer Ioana Onea, team coordinator from Mureș County, and in accordance with the provisions contained in Title I, point 2, paragraph 3, of the Regulation on the implementation of the National Program “Be a Lawyer in Your School” !”, attached to the Decision of the Permanent Commission of the National Union of Bar Associations in Romania 406/September 13, 2022, and was published on the website of the Mures Bar,

Protocol between three institutions

According to the cited source, at the level of Mureș county, the project will be implemented by a team of 30 lawyers, some of whom are well-known names in the Mureș legal environment, such as Ciprian Dobre, former prefect and president of the Mureș County Council, and Tiberiu- Nicolae Onea, former chief prosecutor of DNA Târgu Mureș.

The collaboration protocol regarding the implementation of the education project “Be a Lawyer in Your School!” in the pre-university education units in Mureș County was concluded on March 1, 2022 between the Mureș County School Inspectorate, the Târgu Mureș City Hall and the Mureș Bar Association.

“This Collaboration Protocol is concluded with the aim of mobilizing the resources of the parties for the effective promotion and implementation of non-formal legal education projects in pre-university education in Mureș County, by facilitating students’ access to basic knowledge regarding their rights and responsibilities, but also their responsibilities their civil and criminal cases”, it is mentioned in the text of the Collaboration Protocol.

The “Be a Lawyer in Your School!” team from Mureș County:

– Georgeta-Raula Luța Râștei (“Tudor Vladimirescu” Secondary School Târgu Mureș);

– Laura Nireștean (“Tudor Vladimirescu” Secondary School Târgu Mureș, “Bernady Gyorgy” Secondary School Târgu Mureș);

– Corina-Maria Florea (“Omega” Secondary School Târgu Mureș);

– Ioana Onea (Romulus Guga Secondary School Târgu Mureș, Mihai Viteazul Secondary School Târgu Mureș, Alexandru Papiu Ilarian National College Târgu Mureș, Art Vocational High School Târgu Mureș);

– Mihai-Cristian Plopeanu (“Europe” High School Târgu Mureș);

– Aminadora Ioana Todea (“Dacia” High School Târgu Mureș);

– Camelia Gabriela Horia (“Alexandru Ioan Cuza” Secondary School Târgu Mureș, “Gheorghe Marinescu” Theoretical High School Târgu Mureș);

– Lucia Gîrbuleț (“Friedrich Schiller” Secondary School Târgu Mureș);

– Vajda Edit-Andrea (“Bernady Gyorgy” Secondary School Târgu Mureș, Vocational Art High School Târgu Mureș);

– Ramona Mihaela Coman (National College “Unirea” Târgu Mureș);

– Maria-Paula Bretfelean (National College “Unirea” Târgu Mureș);

– Claudia Măgerușan (National College “Unirea” Târgu Mureș, National College “Alexandru Papiu Ilarian” Târgu Mureș);

– Raul Miron (National College “Unirea” Târgu Mureș);

– Elena-Mirela Decean (National College “Unirea” Târgu Mureș);

– Sergiu Trifan (Unirea National College Târgu Mureș, Art Vocational High School Târgu Mureș);

– Roxana Mircea (National College “Unirea” Târgu Mureș);

– Sergiu-Vlad Rotar (National College “Unirea” Târgu Mureș);

– Ancuța-Bianca Greu (National College “Alexandru Papiu Ilarian” Târgu Mureș);

– Tiberiu-Nicolae Onea (“Alexandru Papiu Ilarian” National College Târgu Mureș, “Mircea Eliade” National College Sighisoara);

– Cristian Plopeanu (“Alexandru Papiu Ilarian” National College Târgu Mureș, “Transylvania” Economic College Târgu Mureș);

– Daniela Cristina Valea (Economic College “Transilvania” Târgu Mureș);

– Carmen Paulus (Târgu Mureș Vocational Art High School);

– Szabo Eszter (Theoretical High School “Bolyai Farkas” Târgu Mureș);

– Ciprian-Minodor Dobre (National Pedagogical College “Mihai Eminescu” Târgu Mureș);

– Olga-Iulia Glăja (National Pedagogical College “Mihai Eminescu” Târgu Mureș);

– Vasile-Daniel Băietan (Sâncraiu de Mureș Secondary School, Technological High School No. 1 Luduș);

– Sorin Sabău (College “Petru Maior” Reghin);

– Adriana-Maria Costin (State Gymnasium “Augustin Maior” Reghin);

– Dorel Ovidiu Jeflea (Theoretical High School “Andrei Bârseanu” Târnăveni);

– Livia Daniela Gorea.


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