May 28, 2023

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100 years of football in Luduș – News from Mures, Targu Mures News

An important component of our social life is undoubtedly practicing or supporting in different ways, sports, physical movement in an organized way. In Luduș, sport has experienced a spectacular development in recent years, difficult to anticipate not many years ago. But the current national, European or world titles brought to Luduș have a solid foundation, created by the predecessors many years ago. I mean, one hundred years of football, of sports in Luduș.

Path to performance

The centenary of the Mureș Luduș football team was admirably marked by Vlad Amariei, who was one of the organizers of the event in Luduș on October 9, 2022: “We have the duty not only to remember, but also not to forget this most celebrated team from the Plain. A team that did not pass the C division, but gave players even to the national team, gave players who were present in the A division, in the Champions League. Mureș Luduș was an example for children, it was a possibility to perform”.

The centenary of Luduș football was prefaced in a surprising way, for some, by Father Paisie, the abbot of the Bârnova Monastery from Iași, who played football at Mureș Luduș during his high school years: “The principles that I learned in sports, in football, they helped me a lot in life, later on. And when I talk about principles, I mean the mentality, the right attitude that any performance athlete should have, the attitude that every one who wants to practice a sport, be it football or any other sport have, because without this right attitude we cannot be efficient, regardless of the field of activity in which we carry out our daily work. In addition to attitude, work helped me a lot, because I understood that we become champions not when we are on the field, we become champions every day in training and the more we sweat in preparation, the more chance we have to receive laurels, applause on the field is bigger. Therefore, a lot of work, the right attitude and, above all, a lot of help from God”.

After the blessing prayer for the festivities, those present kept a moment of silence “for those who are no longer among us and let us ask God to rest their souls up there in Heaven, in His eternal Kingdom.”

Guest speeches

About the celebration of the Mureșul Luduș team, general manager Ioan Orosfoian confessed: “I am honored that the task fell to me to organize the celebration of 100 years of Luduș football in front of such a large number of football players. Since 2012, since I have been the manager of this Club, we have an intense activity at the level of children and juniors. Unfortunately, with the senior team, we did not succeed in a promotion to the 3rd League, we had a tie in 2012 when we defeated the much more successful team from Miercurea Ciuc, but unfortunately financial problems stopped us from going further. Those were and still are the conditions, but we’re glad we’re still around unlike many other big name teams. Thanks to a large number of children’s teams that we deal with, we obtained the project for the realization of a modern sports base. We have the support of the County Football Association, the Romanian Federation, as well as the support of the City Hall and the Luduș Local Council, which provide the largest part of our budget and to whom I thank them”.

The mayor of Luduș, Ioan Cristian Moldovan, spoke about the current situation of the city, stating that in the perspective of the coming years, the sports activity will be vitalized: “Unfortunately, our local brands, once famous at the national level, for example the Sugar Factory, are starting to goes out, there are still some hopes to keep this factory going, but not much. If we talk about brands, one of them is CS Mureșul Luduș. Today we celebrate 100 years of football and I think that the merit of this beautiful age is due to all those present. I applaud and respect you for all the activity you carry out in promoting sports. Mureș Luduș is the second football club in the county by the number of registered athletes, by the eight children’s teams. I think the most important thing is to promote children, to create good training conditions for them. I hope that for the future we will find a financier who, together with the City Hall, will succeed in a promotion to the upper echelon. I salute all those who evolved under the colors of the Club over time”.

Ovidiu Dancu, former mayor of the city, reminded those present of some of the problems faced by the city and the Mureș Luduș team: “Sustaining an activity for 100 years is not easy, it requires a lot of ambition, a lot of work and the desire to maintains the sports activity at the level of the city. Thank you to all the athletes, coaches, presidents and technical staff for their work that has perpetuated over time to this day. I congratulate you all, those of the past and those of the present!”.

Medals, diplomas and awards

After the speeches that praised the current activity of CS Mureșul luduș, whose main concern is the growth of the new generation of footballers included in the eight groups of children, the general manager Ioan Orosfoian rewarded those who worked under the Club’s colors with medals, diplomas and distinctions alb – blue over the years, but also those who are active today as well as those who, through their material contribution, perpetuate a tradition started in 1922. In this sense, the reporter, one of those who was with the team starting with the year 1968, it systematized in several categories the names of those who must be mentioned.

This, with apologies for the names that may have been omitted: Merits in the organizational field: Liviu Botezan, Kis Istvan, Ciprian Cipăian, Ioan Marcel Orosfoian, Tiberiu Orban, Ioan Șopterean, Claudiu Ciucă, Emil Alecu Stan, Ovidiu Baghiu, Liviu Popa and Cornel Luke; European and world medalists: Ella Kovacs, Dănuț Borbil, Kolozsvari Edward, Ciprian Tapaszto, Ionuț Bica, Cârpaci Szanto Alexandru; Former officials: Ovidiu Danciu, Ioan Olaru, Leon Zilberczveig, Dr. Dan Șerban, Vasile Mureșan, Ilie Șuta, Teodor Rațiu; Mass media representatives: Ioan A. Borgovan (Red Star, 24 hours Mureșene, Punctul, Radio Transilvania, Zi de Zi), Dan Ludușan (Radio Transilvania), Television M 9 and Radio Tîrgu Mureș; Veterans of the team: Dorel Stoica, Ioan Timar, Gheorghe Neagu, Gică Berar, Iliuta Budușan, Tapaszto Istvan, Minodor Ober, Katona Andras, Alexandru Nistor, Lelian Rus, Bruno Rusu, Mimi Lechințan, Szekely Piluș, Șica Popanică, Ioan Gherasim, Valer Păcurar, Miki Vălean, Costin Pașcu, Cenan “Gojgaru” and Vitan. And finally, Ioan Orosfoian thanked those who, over the years, have supported the team materially: Viorel Tripon, Petrea Ovidiu Zachei, Iuliu Dee, Cosmin Șchiopotă, Alexandrina Moldovan, Molnar Eugen, Sorin Nemeș, Ioan Timbuș , Ioan Corla, George Borangic, Sorin Tripon, Liviu Miclea, Nicolae Marian, Adrian Lazăr and others.

The great celebration of football, of sports from Luduš ended as it should in the world of sports with a celebration of heart and soul in which a glass of wine and a cauldron contributed to solving some memories left in the soul of those who were the heroes of memorable events , contributed to the image of a team spirit called Mureș Luduș.

A century of life, many, many years to this beautiful representative of the city of Luduș!


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